Why BAT and Similar Crypto Investors Should Support the #StopTheSteal Movement
We face a crossroads in history.

Why BAT and Similar Crypto Investors Should Support the #StopTheSteal Movement

By CryptoLeonidas | CryptoSparta | 22 Nov 2020

President Trump has been a man under much attack for the past four years. He is also a man who has done much good for the U.S. during those four years, contrary to the assertions of many opponents, big and small. He has reduced unemployment to record lows, which stayed that way until COVID-19, the origins of which are much disputed, struck through no fault of his own. He has also, in the pandemic, always advocated generous help to the American people in one form or another, even in the face of opposition from both major parties in Congress. But most importantly for us crypto investors, he has issued an executive order in May of this year targeting Big Tech, our common enemy, as well as slamming it repeatedly on multiple occasions. If he was to remain in office, he would remove the exemption Big Tech gets from being sued, and the lawsuits – and our rise to fortune – would begin. However, there are evil people who want to take that and much, much more away from us.

Cue the mainstream Democrats in power and allies. Joe Biden, the person the mainstream media has called "president-elect," even though electoral votes are not officially cast until December 15, thus making those maps you see on the news channels nothing more than predictions, has nominated a former Google CEO to his transition team, just one of many pieces of evidence showing that the mainstream Democrats and Big Tech share the same bed. Big Tech wants all competitors destroyed, and that includes Brave, Storj, and other noble cryptocurrency-using projects. While centralization is not necessarily evil, as I describe in this rant, the mainstream Democrats want to put it in areas that would render our entire society oppressive.

However, there is hope. Donald Trump has assembled a legal team to overturn the fraudulent election, which has featured, amongst other oddities, false betrayers, robots, and zombies, the latter two of whom only knew how to vote for the U.S. President, and no one else on their local ballot. If he succeeds in doing so, besides opening up the floodgates to sue Big Tech, Trump has promised a large stimulus package, which would virtually guarantee stimulus checks for people to spend, whether it be on basic necessities or an investment in your favorite crypto project. If he fails, Big Tech and allies would destroy all our freedoms if we sit by passively, or alternatively, the mainstream Democrats, being very anti-police, anti-military, and anti-gun in general, could anger those in the right with these and other policies and cause a civil war, which would be good for nobody, crypto companies included.

Though the rabid mainstream media has attacked the U.S. president with much fake news, that does not make their allegations true. Biden has not yet truly won, or rather cheated, the election. We face a fork in the road of history at this point in time. Therefore, if you love your investments, if you love crypto, if you love your freedom, join the #StopTheSteal movement, and stand by Trump.

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