Publish0xTutorials | The Complete User Guide (2020)

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 2 Feb 2020

Get paid for doing all the things you love.

How would you love to play a game where you know that whichever way the dice turns up, you’re going to win? You love to teach and write to provide information and help people attain their goals –you get paid for doing that. You love to read about the latest developments and topic of interests –again, you get paid just by doing that. You love to share and spread the word about genuine opportunities with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers that care to listen and you get paid for doing just that.

You get paid for doing all the things that you love. These weren’t possible before now, until Publish0x showed up.

What is Publish0x?

Before you bite your tongue trying to pronounce the name, let me tell you that according to the developers of this platform, the “0x” in the name is silent. So you could just call it Publish!

Publish0x is a "crypto powered blogging platform" ~ Dan Bainbridge (CEO, Publish0x).

Founded by Dan Bainbridge -an Angel investor and blockchain enthusiast; Publish0x was launched in December 2018 and has been growing like “bitcoin in 2017” ever since.

Publish0x is a crypto powered blogging, digital publishing and content sharing platform where users get paid for publishing, reading and/or watching quality posts and video contents.

Just like Steemit and Medium, authors are rewarded for producing and sharing their contents on the platform; however, unlike the two of them, Publish0x does not only reward the authors; the readers are also rewarded through a tipping system in which users can read a post and tip the author.

The tip amount is divided between the author and the reader in a ratio chosen by the reader using a tipping slider. Publish0x places equal value on both authors and readers because without readers even a good content is worthless. To keep the platform healthy for everyone, readers cannot give an author less than 20% of the tip amount and they can give as much as 100% to an author if they so wish. More information on tipping and earning is provided within the rest of this post –keep reading.

How to Create a User Account on Publis0x

So, enough of the intros, let’s get into the real action. Shall we?

Open your browser and type in in the address bar or you can simply click this link (our affiliate link) if you don’t mind supporting us. Thank you.

Publish0x Home Page View

You will be taken to the home page where you will find the top trending posts at the top and when you scroll down, you’ll find some more posts in the different categories ranked based on their popularity for that particular category.

At the topmost of the page you have the navigation bar and links to the different pages on the website. We advise you take a little tour of the website by clicking through as many links as you can on the page to get familiar with your new home. If you get lost, just click on the Publish0x logo to return to the first page.

The next thing is to click on the Sign Up and Earn Crypto button at the end of the navigation bar on desktop or the Get Started button if you’re on mobile.

Publish0x Registration Page

You can Sign Up using your Facebook or twitter account or better still, create an account with your email by filling and submitting the registration form. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll be signing up with the E-mail option. So click Sign up with Email. Enter your email address and preferred password and hit the Register button as below.

Publish0x Registration Form

You will be asked to verify your email address. Check your email for the verification link sent to you, click the link and your account will be verified. You are ready to start reading, tipping and earning immediately and you can also proceed with applying to become an Author right away.

Why You Should Be on Publish0x

Publih0x is not just another publishing platform. It’s the best earning and publishing platform yet.

We are not the first but we will be the biggest, and we have a few unique quirks ~ Dan Bainbridge (Publish0x’s CEO).

So what makes Publish0x unique?

  • Publish0x pays you in crypto -no senseless, privacy invasive KYC required.
  • Publish0x pays both authors and readers unlike other platforms where only the authors get paid.
  • Earning is guaranteedon Publish0x for every registered member.
  • Membership is free and no limitation whatsoever on how many post you can freely access. Everything on Publish0x is not just free; you get paid to read them.
  • Your posts and articles earn for life. Users can still tip the post you shared in 2019 and will still be able to do so, even in 2025 or 2050. One time investment –life time earnings.
  • Enjoy high quality posts. Publish0x maintains strict quality standards; as such contents on the platform are mostly the best of the best, original and unique contents from the users; plus authors are manually verified and approved for quality assurance. You will be banned without warning if you publish plagiarized or spun content.
  • Get paid in multiple tokens. You’re not restricted to any particular token as the tips are based on different tokens. Currently tips on Publish0x are being paid with BAT, Hydro and the DAI tokens and we believe many more top tokens will be added as the platform advances. These tokens are not shitcoins, they’re real valuable tokens you can find on CoinMarketCap.

How to Apply as an Author on Publish0x (Optional)

The fastest and best way to earn even more on Publish0x is to become an author that produces great content. To apply as an author all you need to do is log in to your Publish0x account and click Become an Author from your dashboard or menu bar.

Publish0x Author Application Page

Publish0x Author Application Form

Fill the form appropriately –point the admins to any work you have previously published on another platform or your own website; state the general topic area you are going to be writing about, and give them your best email address for subsequent correspondence regarding your application. Read and accept all the terms and conditions, then hit the Submit Application button. Wait for approval within the next 24 to 48 hours. You will be notified when and if your application is approved or disapproved.

Your chances of being approved as an author will be near 100% if you have existing content to point the admins to, such as your content on medium, steemit or your own website and blog.

Don’t panic, if you belief you are more than qualified to become an author and you don’t have any previous publishing work to show or your application got rejected, The admins have displayed a high sense of understanding many times in this regard and you can simply message them via support with your strong points and we belief they may review your application once more and give you a chance.

How to Earn [MORE] on Publish0x

Aside creating account, the easiest thing on Publish0x is earning. Basically, there are three ways to earn on Publish0x and if you're like most of us, you'll want to take advantage of all of them.

  1. Earn by Publishing Contents
  2. Earn by Reading Contents
  3. Earn by Becoming an Ambassador

Earn on Publish0x by Publishing Contents

Authors are the biggest earners on Publish0x. As an author, your earning potential on Publish0x is nearly unlimited.

To earn as an author is simple; write and publish high quality and valuable contents that answers real users’ questions and get tipped by hundreds and thousands of readers (tipping is a way of the readers saying –I love this article or thank you for sharing). The more valuable content you produce, the more tips and followers you gather and the more you build up your power to earn even more with subsequent posts.

Earn on Publish0x by Reading Contents.

You don’t necessarily have to be an author to earn on Publish0x. Remember, on Publish0x everyone earns. Nothing beats this –you get free access to some of the best contents on the internet from real users and you get paid by doing just that –it’s golden!

The tip amounts on Publish0x are actually for the readers, who then decide which of the authors and post they enjoy the most they would like to share it with. As a reader you can take as much as 80% of the tip and give the author the bare minimum of 20% or you can be more moderate by going with a 50/50 or better still, be super generous by giving more or all of it to the author for their efforts. The choice is all yours and there’s no good or bad way to tip, except that you should try and be fair with it.

However, note that you can only tip a maximum of 6 times a day on the platform and only once per day for a particular author. So let’s say you read and love our post, and you tipped us that is it for that day. You can’t tip any of our post on the blog again until tomorrow even if you want to. This is creating equal opportunity on the platform for everyone and makes the system more sustainable.

Earn on Publish0x by Becoming an Ambassador (Referrals)

Stack up tokens passively through the Publish0x Ambassador program. Promote and earn 5% of every tip amount given by the people you referred to the platform.

Upon registration, you are assigned an affiliate ID and Ambassador Link with which you can use to refer people to the platform and earn 5% from every tip they generate. Your Ambassador Link looks like this while your affiliate ID is the last part of your link (highkighted)

One highly creative feature the publish0x developers have incorporated into the Ambassador Link system is that you can easily pick any article from the website, attach your referral ID (?a=K9b6AwQaEv) to the end of the article’s URL and share with your community. Every user who follows that link to the website and ends up registering becomes your referral. The article you attach your affiliate ID to doesn’t necessarily have to be your own. This is a great feature as you can always have fresh content to share with your audience and have your referral link buried within such contents – it’s neat and clean.

For lovers of deep tracking and analytics, Publish0x got you covered as you can easily generate additional ambassador links with Tracking IDs (TIDs) which you can use to separate and monitor the performance of different promotional channels. For example you can create separate TIDs for Facebook marketing, Instagram, twitter, website (banners and widgets), WhatsApp, Telegram and whatever traffic sources you use in promoting your links. Use this tool to help you see which traffic sources work best for you and produce the best result so you can double down on them.

It doesn’t stop there, Publish0x hosts a monthly referral contest where the top 10 referrers on the leaderboard shares $250 monthly. Be one of the most active ambassadors by referring people to Publish0x and earn your share of prizes in BAT!

The first prize winner goes home with a whopping $100. If you compete and win this prize every month which definitely you can, you’ll be making extra $100 monthly; plus remember the 5% referral commission from all tips generated by the people you refer to platform. This could add up to really significant amount within a few months or year.

To help your referral campaign efforts, here are suggested ideas that can help you drive traffic to your referral link:

  1. If you own a website or blog you could use the Publish0x widget on your website to promote your affiliate link to your visitors just as you can see on our own website –
  2. Write Publish0x review articles on other Publishing platforms or your own website and place your affiliate link in the content. Users who click your link to the platform and registers are credited to you.
  3. Facebook Groups and Public pages that allow the posting of links are another great source you could tap into. Don’t go about spamming people and groups with your link. Be creative, you could share good posts from the Publish0x platform to some of your groups with your affiliate link hidden in the post’s URL. That way you wouldn’t appear spammy. If you want the freedom to post links as you like without risking embarrassments or getting kicked out of groups you can simply create your own group and build it to serve your purpose.
  4. If you have good followers or an active community on twitter or telegram and other social media platforms you can monetize them by sharing your link with them. I’m sure they’ll love the idea of earning just by reading articles.
  5. Create a WhatsApp group and teach people how to earn crypto for free on Publish0x. You can use this as a launch pad to educate people on cryptocurrency and give them the opportunity to learn and use cryptocurrency without them having to make any upfront investment. The tips and tokens are free so it should be easier to get many of them to try it out.
  6. All your marketing doesn’t have to be online. Share the opportunity with the people you meet physically every day.

Be creative with your strategies in promoting your referral link and you can combine as many traffic sources as you can possibly accommodate. It’s not a bad idea to have a target of how many people you want to refer say per week. Setting your goals straight will help you measure performance and focus on strategies that works best for you. 

How to Become a Top Earner and Author on Publish0x

You applied as an author and luckily you got approved to start publishing. You publish your first 1 to 5 articles and their combined tip is not even up to $1. But you poured your heart and soul into those posts; why aren’t many people tipping you? – Because many people didn’t come in contact with your post.

How much you earn is determined by how many people are tipping your posts. How many people are tipping your posts is determined by how many people get to see your posts. How many people get to see your posts is determined by several factors such as:

  • The publish0x algorithm
  • The quality of your post or content
  • The number of followers you have
  • How well you promote your post within and outside Publish0x

The ranking factors used by the Publish0x platform are proprietary information. There is no documentation anywhere on what factors the platform use to rank posts. But one thing is for sure, quality posts almost always rank better and higher.

The best place to start from is to write high quality and valuable content that answers people’s questions. These posts will produce higher engagement as users comment, follow, tip and upvote your post. These engagements among other factors contribute to ranking higher.

More so, the more valuable your posts are, the more people follow you. Your followers are alerted whenever you drop a post and are more likely to be the first to read and tip you. The people following you are mostly doing so because they love what you are sharing and want to be notified of your future contents. These people will always tip you every single time when they can; so more followers means more tip and more tips makes a happy author.

We observed several posts and authors with the highest tips and earnings and there is a striking similarity among them:

  1. They write posts that provide in-depth and detailed information on a specific –usually topics that appeal to a majority of the community. These posts usually, are detailed and provide answers to nearly all the questions a user will have concerning the topic being discussed. This does not mean you should stuff your posts with useless and irrelevant information just to make it long. No, far from that; discuss in detail and provide useful information concerning the topic you’re covering so that after reading your post I would have nearly all the answers I need concerning that topic.
  2. The highest earners have the highest followers in addition to having the most in-depth and valuable post contents.
  3. Some have audience outside of Publish0x they share their content with. I am not sure what impact such extra exposure have on their earnings but most likely it will boost their followers base as some of that traffic will join the platform and of course follow and tip their favourite author.
  4. They use attention grabbing and relevant post titles and images to get people to click on their posts. Nobody will find the value buried within your posts if they never get to read them and they can’t read them without clicking to open it. Strong and relevant visuals and enticing post titles (not click baits please) were some of the things the top authors do well. Getting good images to use for your posts does not require you to pay for stock images or have to create your own. There are great high resolution free stock photos on the internet you can use. My two favourite sources for such images are Picjumbo and Unsplash and I’m sure that there even many more out there if you look around.

As can be easily identified from the above analysis; quality and valuable content well written is the primary factor for ranking higher and earning more tips. Focus on quality and providing value through your posts and the followers and tips will naturally follow.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Publish0x

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy they say; and I say all earnings and no withdrawals makes a good scam.

Usually the first question new users (especially those new to cryptocurrency) ask is; “how do I withdraw the money?” –it’s easy.

Withdrawing your tokens on Publish0x is as easy as it is to earn it. All you require is an Ethereum (ERC-20) based wallet to receive and store your tokens. Examples of good ERC-20 wallets for you to consider are:

  1. Hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano S
  2. Web based wallets such as MyCrypto, MyEtherWallet and MetaMask
  3. Mobile Wallets such as ImToken, Coinomi, Trust Wallet, Eidoo

There are actually so many great Ethereum based wallets out there you can use and it’s beyond the scope of this post to cover or list all of them. You can check out the various ones mentioned above and pick the one that you’re most comfortable with. 

The most important thing is that whichever wallet you decide to use must be one that you own and control the private keys for the safety of your tokens –never use any exchange wallet as you don’t control the private keys to them; except you know exactly what you’re doing (in which case you don’t need any advice in this regard).

For the purpose of this tutorial, we recommend and will be using the ImToken Mobile Wallet. Click the link below to download ImToken for your Android or IOS smart phone.



Watch this video for a step by step guide to successfully downloading, creating and backing up your ImToken Wallets

Once you’ve created your ImToken wallet account and properly backed up your Private Key in a safe place, copy your wallet address and proceed to your Publish0x Dashboard and submit it for payments.

Click Dashboard >Settings >Wallets

Publish Wallet Address Setup

Paste your wallet where it says Enter your wallet address and then hit the Save button to save it. Congratulations; you are all set for a happy stay in Publish0x.

On a final note, Publish0x has an excellent business model and a great vision. More importantly, the Team is highly competent and committed to taking the platform to greater heights. We just hope they remain focused and keep BUIDLing.

Your potential to earn even more is enhanced by combining the various earning opportunities (reading, publishing and referring) available on the platform. More so, becoming a top author and earner on Publish0x does not require any genius or divine gift; you too can join the growing list of top authors on the platform by posting useful and practical information using strong visuals (images) and relevant post titles to capture attention.

If you're consistent, even you will be surprised how far you will go within a few month or year. You will most certainly accumulate some reasonable amount of tokens by the end of the year to show for your efforts; and they'll be worth something.

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