Trying Out Hodlnaut's Free Withdrawal Feature On Dec 1

Trying Out Hodlnaut's Free Withdrawal Feature On Dec 1

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 30 Nov 2021

Yesterday, I received an email from Hodlnaut which stated that I was blessed with a 50 USDC bonus. What impeccable timing! Hodlnaut was going to launch its free 1 withdrawal every month feature starting from December 1 onwards, so what better opportunity for me to test drive this new feature than this?!


My hands were slightly shaking as I made use of the Token Swap feature to convert USDC to BTC. So excited I was! Did you know that this Token Swap feature is free, thus enabling me to optimise the gain from my blessing?


The reason why I converted USDC to BTC was that Gemini only supported BTC-SGD and ETH-SGD pairings. But this was a mere inconvenience for someone determined to benefit from the free withdrawal feature!

At the speed of light, I then went over to the Withdrawal page to input my BTC address from Gemini. 


By now, I am sure that you, my reader, can sense my excitement and perhaps even feel the adrenaline surging through my veins. But rest assured that I remained level-headed because I made sure to click on the Redeem free withdrawal now function. 


Was brought over to the next page, where I inputted my 2FA token with a broad grin spreading across my face. Leveraging this free withdrawal feature was turning out to be less onerous and tedious than I had expected!


Hopped over to my email to verify my withdrawal. It was not only a necessary security check to prevent hacking, but it also served as an effective cooling-off measure to get users to consider again whether they really wanted to make a withdrawal. 


Locked in my resolve. Made my final decision. Promised to have no regrets. Yes, I successfully made my free withdrawal for the month of December!


Currently eagerly waiting with bated breath for my BTC to arrive at my Gemini account, safe and sound. This took me 40 minutes but that was because I was writing this step-by-step guide at the same time. I reckon the withdrawal would have taken me about 3-4 minutes if I had completely focused my energy on this task.

I hope you got to feel how easy it was to harness from Hodlnaut's free monthly withdrawal feature. Join me in cheering the Hodlnaut team wildly and boisteriously for always stepping up their game and delivering memorable experiences. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get back to my daily grind of getting Satoshis from FireFaucet ( 

Till the next guide,


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