What happens Blockchain EDC and other kryptowalutami Halving the Bitcoin?
What happens Blockchain EDC and other kryptowalutami Halving the Bitcoin?

Do you agree that the upcoming halving Bitcoin mining is a large-scale event, which will cause significant changes in all related industries (  source  )? 

According  Hodl Blog  correlation rate between Bitcoin and other coins in recent years was particularly high (  Table  indexes correlation). Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Jason Williams, believes that all were ready for this event for a long time, measures have been taken, rethink depreciation, and this event will not have any impact on the world.

What happens to the state of EDC and other Blockchain kryptowalutami Halving the Bitcoin 2

Nevertheless, the world's leading companies, such as Amazon, Facebook and Google use blockchainów; list of products and services used by enthusiasts cryptocurrency grow uncontrollably.

One of the biggest tycoons of American billionaire Tim Draper, predicted not only the rapid increase in the price of Bitcoin , but literally  as follows  :

"I think that soon you go to Starbucks for coffee and try to pay with dollars, they will laugh at you, because you do not pay cryptocurrency ... you like an old woman who pays a cheap penny."


Is digital currency will become even more popular? 

Tim Draper is convinced that 2023. Bitcoin will cost US $ 250 000 (according to the most conservative estimates). Bitcoin affects everything, including the exchange rate, because it becomes more influential player in the world of new technologies, including the world of incomprehensible speed.

We live in a world of androids, artificial intelligence, smart cities and flying cars. No transition to digital technology means sharing the fate of paper letters after the appearance of the e-mail address, when you see the horse cars and "Blockbuster" when you see the "uTorrent".

But what will happen to Bitcoin in the near future - after the middle of May?

As shown by the fall in prices of 20 000 USD to 3 500 USD, you can not plan ahead, what will happen in this speculative market. However, analysts believe that if you take the last 10 years, this catastrophe perfectly fits the pattern of growth and depreciation.

Is it possible to have a 90% certainty what will happen? Fundstrat analyst Thomas Lee is  confident  that it can.

What happens Blockchain EDC and other kryptowalutami Halving the Bitcoin?  3

Fundstrat says that the presidential elections in the US, a sharp rise in prices Bitcoin during the conflict the United States with Iran and "favorable combination of circumstances" means that Bitcoin will grow by 100% in half (note that in 2019. ROI for lovers of the Bitcoin was 92% ).

Given the considerable correlation between Bitcoin and altcoinami, this means an increase in prices likely altcoinów, as well as the entire market as a whole cryptocurrency.

Why halving is so important for EDC Blockchain ?

EDC Blockchain is a well established project which regularly cooperates with the best exchanges and fulfills promises to the community. Platform EDC is actively involved in the development of the industry and has an impact on your field through the development of the latest technologies.

They provide features necessary for any company that wants to create a global community based on transparency and freedom:

  • Own blockchain that utilizes graphene;
  • Immediate transfer (up to 100 000 transactions per second);
  • Tokenizacji functionality of existing companies joining the EDC;
  • Functionality receive awards for the transfer of the lease to the coins in big pots;
  • Functionality scaling the company by creating your own fully-fledged kryptowaluty or token based on an algorithm using the built-PoS designer coins;
  • The ability to use multiple products Blockchain EDC platform and ecosystem ECRO system.


If Tim Draper was  right  about Bitcoin (and successfully predicted the future of other global projects), the number of users kryptowaluty increase dramatically after mid-May.

According  Statisty , like the market for artificial intelligence (which at the cost of $ 9.5 billion in 2018. It will cost about 118.6 billion US dollars in 2025.), The market is likely to increase cryptocurrency.

When Bitcoin becomes more popular, the number of holders will increase. They will look for the best companies offering services outside the competition. Companies that have developed the most advanced features, will develop.

EDC is a coin with spectacular functionalities for each day (EveryDay Coin), which covers the needs of every person on earth. As a large part of the world blockchain team EDC aims to increase the number of users this year and provide services that can not compete.

EDC has already impressive results from the very beginning: more than one million registered accounts in 57 countries, ties with Bit-Z ZG.com (formerly BTCChina) DigiFinex Dex-Trade, Coinbene, modified "Graphene" and it is always possible to receive additional bonuses.

Other companies also have unique characteristics, but they only offer their own training academy blockchain, marketing support projects, their own heat, and multi-function wallet cryptocurrency Internet Services - available to every user of EDC under one roof.

We believe that halving the Bitcoin attract a huge number of users on the market cryptocurrency. Users will look for the best companies, and EDC coin will be much more popular.



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