NEWS: 1X2 Sinovate, Soverain, SCC, TRON, Energi, Divi Project, Telos, Bitcoin Incognito
NEWS: 1X2 Sinovate, Soverain, SCC, TRON, Energi, Divi Project, Telos, Bitcoin Incognito


According to the action plan they announced a program of layered ROI MN Rewards, which does not require any updating of the portfolio, because it will be distributed by them.

New layers are determined by the number of masternodów, which has a network user, according to this table:

  • MNs 10-24 Layer 1 = + 25% ROI
  • Layer 2 MNs 25-49 = + 35% ROI
  • Layer 3 MNs 50-74 = + 40% ROI
  • The layer 4 75-99 Mn + 45% ROI
  • Layer 5 100+ Mn + 50% ROI

For example, if the user has 15 Mns and the current prize amount to about 1.7 MN coins a day, you will receive a total of about 2,125 coins MN day, or about 31.9 instead of 25.5 coins a day. Users will receive prizes normal MN, as before, and will distribute these bonuses every 3 days (72 hours), and not in specific intervals. The new program layered ROI will start on 1 March 2020.

A 1-ply premium ROI Award will go to holders of portfolios on 3 March 2020. For those that host MN Matwater hosting service, all nodes are automatically checked and confirmed. For those that host Matwater outside hosting service, users will have to provide the POM (proof masternodes) every 3 days, the MOD that it will air.

For information about how to make POM, as it varies depending on the service and personal VPS, please contact @ MOD 1X2 DM instructions. When we reach a stable price for the 2000 satellite coin, with stable purchase orders on stock exchanges and bot mats, we adjust bonuses layered ROI to be smaller, according to the price increase. This rewards program will be permanent, because all coins distributed to ROI premium sandwich come from personal funds and project awards.



SINOVATE considered one of the top 8 startups Blockchain 2020, which is worthy of interest ...

See more at:

SINOVATE is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Manganorobot Technologies



The team Soverain began the final phase of testing developed online platform, multi-currency portfolios, as promised. Initially, the ecosystem will be available the following functions:

  • Storage and investment funds of any coin connected to the platform.
  • Linking your web platform with a bot or Discord Telegram.
  • Simple and convenient replacement.
  • Information (ROI, price, volume, etc.).

And evaluation system selected coins. After starting the plans to introduce a mobile app with the same functionality. Then focus efforts on the development of the most functional and secure exchange market.



SCC Core - mandatory update portfolio

Update Information SCC Core v1.0.0.2 is a mandatory update for all users. This version includes new peer protocol. Users will need to update their clients before the entry into force of this update. Forcing an update is due to enter into force on the block: Mainnet: 340,000 (the current block: 322,421 for ~ 25 days) Masternodes will have to be restarted after the update masternode both demon and controller portfolio.

How to upgrade, you will learn here: stakecube /StakeCubeCoin/releases/tag/v1.0.0.2

If you have stored on the SCC platform stakecube or other third party service, you do not have to do anything 😉



According to the latest data from TRONSCAN.ORG, the total number of accounts TRON exceeded 4.6 million, and now stands at 4 606 346.

TRON total number of accounts exceeded 4.6 million



Did you know that Energi has a charitable foundation with its own financing?

Did you know that Energi has a charitable foundation with its own financing

They launched a new website and educational platform EnergiImpact. Learn how the community helps Energi for the project.

See here:

Energi's great to see the report of the review of the Masternodes.Onlines

Energi's great to see the report of the review of the year

They jumped from 10th to 2nd place in the ranking of market capitalization growth! You can read the full report for free here:


Divi Project

Fantastic report on the sector masternode. Especially page 11 😉 issued a report on the review of the year 2019 Masternodes!

Free downloads:



Keep coins Telos and XBTX hard. VEND will invest in Intelligent Vending Machines. These machines also accept XBTX Telos and ...

Keep coins Telos and firmly XBTX

Bitcoin Incognito

They start from 2020 bang!

Bitcoin Incognito bang

Check out the new beta site:


Have a stakeout!

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