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LBRY - 350% Price gain in 30 days!

By Ghengis | CryptoLowDown | 9 May 2020

LBRY is a decentralised, uncensored content sharing platform that rewards content creators and viewers with LBC Credits.  

Currently, it's listed on only a few exchanges, but I have a feeling that is changing soon.

LBC Credits - LBRY

In the last 30 days, the price has skyrocketed from around $0.01 to $0.035 - that's a 350% return on investment!

LBC Credits - LBRY


Why is the price booming? Obviously the recent price rise in BTC and ETH are driving prices up, but even so, that doesn't account for a staggering 350% rise in LBC Credits.

LBRY (the content sharing application) has grown by a massive 2.5 million registered users in March and April and it will be very interesting to see what happens in May.

People want UNCENSORED content.  The tech giants like YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest have grown increasingly fascist over the last few years, allowing only the party line to be seen.  However, 1/2 the population has a dissenting opinion which is increasingly being suppressed.  That is FASCISM.  

People want to see opinions and decide for themselves what is true - not be told by a small cabal of wealthy and influential individuals and corporations what they can see.

LBRY is blockchain based, so the information stored on the blockchain is immutable - it can't be changed.

LBRY is decentralised, so it can't be shut down.  Even if the company behind LBRY, LBRY.TV, or the LBRY Foundation is shut down, the LBRY blockchain will still exist.  It is open source, so anyone can write an application to share LBRY data.

The company behind LBRY has done a good job in creating LBRY.  It's far from perfect and still needs work, but it is better than functional and improving every day.  LBRY also offers both Content Creators and Content consumers a chance to earn LBRY Credits through their generous rewards system. 

A wise man once said "The truth shall set you free".  The Truth is NOT what one group believes in and promotes.  People deserve the right to decide for themselves what is truth and what is propaganda.

I think this is what is driving Let's popularity which is in turn driving it's price.  People are joining LBRY and buying LBRY Credits to use in the app.  

Join me on LBRY today and we both get a reward of 15 LBRY Credits to kick you off.  You can then earn many more credits through viewing content and even creating content if you wish.

Invitation Link:$/invite/@ghengis:7



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