A recent investor in Crypto Currency but have followed crypto for some years. IT background and keen photographer and healthy LCHF eating advocate. Australian living in Vietnam.

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Lies My Doctor Told Me

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I stole that title from Dr Ken Berry (MD).  Sorry Ken!  But, in my defence, I did buy his book so it's only a little bit bad!  BTW, it's a great book and you should buy it. I've known for years my doctors and nutritionists were lying (Not intentional...

XRP Utility and why it counts

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A recent comment on my last XRP post was that I mentioned a couple of chart analysts I follow believe XRP will rise to $28.   The comment was that would give XRP a market cap of $1.4 Trillion and implied that was totally unrealistic.  XRP is broken d...

SAD Diet

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SAD is appropriate.  It stands for Standard Australian/American Diet.  It has also been killing us since it was introduced in the early 70's. Historically, man has been eating grains and domestic vegetables and fruits for about 5 seconds!  One of the...

Is Bitcoin a store of value?

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Right now, Bitcoin's market domination is down to about 66% of a total market cap of $240B from around 70% previously. Is this an indication that Bitcoin is losing its place? Not at all. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, creating the first new...

Why I like XRP

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XRP is my favourite cryptocurrency.  XRP is a very controversial product and there is a lot of misinformation out there. Use Case: XRP has a great real world use case.  It is used for cross border money transfers - sending money in one country's fiat...

How to choose which crypto to invest in

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At the time of writing, there are 3,336 crypto assets and 211 Exchanges with a Total market Capitalizatìon of $240.7B listed on CoinMarketCap.  This makes choosing what coin to select and where to buy them quite a complicated project. So what is the...

What is the process for buying/selling crypto?

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What is the process - in my last article I discussed terms like wallets and exchanges.  If you dont understand these terms, you might like to read my previous article. First thing I did when I entered the crypto market was to set up a number of walle...

How do I start in Crypto?

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Getting started in Crypto can be confusing.  First of all there are a few (a lot?) of terms you need to become familiar with.  Then there is the process. TERMS Wallet - just like a real life wallet, this is where you will keep your money (crypto).  W...

The Value of Currency

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Although crypto has been around for 10 years now, there are many who still think it's a scam or a fad.  I first heard of Bitcoin when Satoshi Nakamoto (Person or persons unknown) first released the white paper over 10 years ago now.  Like most people...