The Crypto Coins That Have Fed Me & My Family, Part 1

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 20 Oct 2020

Hello cryptolohians!

This post will be very personal, but I hope it would be of use to you, in this article I will share the coins that have feed my family, that is to say, coins or projects that have at least once pay the bills. Funny thing, bitcoin has never paid my bills :D 

Let's get at it!


Stellar Lumens

More than a year ago, stellar lumens started a massive airdrop to hundreds of thousands of users and since at the time I was toying with new apps and open source projects, I happened to be at the right moment in the right place, being a legitimate keybase user before the airdrop started.

I receive roughly 60 dollars during two months, but later they discontinued the airdrop due to excessive abuse and fraud. :(

But still, at the time, that money paid some of my bills.



When the Brave Browser was launched I started to promote it heavily everywhere, and thus, I got some nice affiliate payouts which got me to pay some of my bills at the time. :)

This is my affiliate:


LBRY is one of my favorite projects, and one of my most stable sources of income within the crypto space, while other projects might give you money once, LBRY gives you money almost daily. I like that, is one of my favorites.

Join LBRY and get free crypto:$/invite/@Cryptolohy:d

Once I was without money, expecting my next paycheck, and suddenly, I got 50 USD in my wallet. which was really, really convenient at the time, and helped me get to the next month. :)

This is my affiliate link, use it and you also get free crypto:

And this is my code: tjvd9kbnh2


Atomic Wallet Token

Similar to our previous situation, I was without money and waiting for my next paycheck, when I remember that I got 20 USD worth of Atomic Wallet in my crypto wallet due to the promotion I have done for them. In the past I hadn't sell it since it required the use of an obscure dex, but this day I was sufficiently hungry so I decided to give it a go, and thus, I got the money in my bank account after some time figuring it out. :)

Download the atomic wallet and put in my referral code, you also get some free coins in return: 15XK98


So there you go, some coins that have saved be from going homeless. What are yours? let me know in the comments! :D



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