Keybase + Stellar Lumens MEGA Airdrop! (20 USD approx)

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 10 Sep 2019

This is just a quick note to notify you to create a Keybase account if you don't have one yet, since the Stellar Lumens foundation gave 2 billion Lumens (approximately 117 million USD) to Keybase, to dispersed it equally among the Keybase users every month for approximately the next two years. Yay!

With this gesture, the Stellar Lumens foundation separates itself sharply from its use-case competitor XRP, who instead of creating mega airdrops for crypto enthusiasts, it seems just interested in dumping billions of XRP every month upon unsuspecting retail investors and, as if that wasn't enough, give huge grants to make their ex-colleagues instant millionaires.

Now we know what currency for payments to support (or at least, I have made my choice, Stellar)

For you to qualify for the Airdrop you need to create a Keybase account and add three device backups for your keybase account, which could be your cellphone and two paper backups with seed phrases.


In my case, this caught me by surprise, especially since the amount that I got to me was notable, 21 USD, not bad for something I didn't expect at all.



What is Keybase


Keybase is an end-to-end encrypted messenger, which is competing against WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and Slack, since it also allows you to create group chats.

One of the most interesting features is that they include integration with the stellar lumens network, together with a stellar lumens wallet for each keybase user.

Personally, after receiving my first airdrop, I am convinced of moving my chats and workspaces as much as possible to Keybase.


So, now that you now move quickly, and if you have a friend that you might want to introduce to cryptoland, this might be your chance to do that in a friendly manner.


The best part? You don't have to follow anybody on Twitter/Telegram/LinkedIn and is completely free!


See ya!


More info at:


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