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Cryptos are Countries, Not Companies

8 Jun 2021 4 minute read 16 comments AlucardLife

The bitcoin conference featured Mike Novogratz and a couple of other stooges from duh institutions trying to settle libertarian sentiment on bitcoin. Literally a live version of those "no one" memes on Twitter: No one: Novogratz: Don't be scared of i...

Bitcoin Doesn't Need to Grow

7 Jun 2021 3 minute read 5 comments AlucardLife

I hate Kevin O'Leary. And the bitcoin Miami conference inviting this sanctimonious piece of shit to host an ESG panel just shows we have a long way to go. The fucknut idiot basically runs the panel dangling a trillion dollar carrot in front of the ot...

The G7 Accelerates Its Descent Into Third World Status

6 Jun 2021 2 minute read 19 comments AlucardLife

In a questionable move that is sure to come back and bite them in the ass, the G7 agreed on a minimum tax for multinational companies. Claiming to focus on tech giants, Japan, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Canada agreed to a...

El Salvador Likes Bitcoin but Bitcoin's Price Still Doesn't Like Bitcoin

6 Jun 2021 2 minute read 1 comment AlucardLife

The Blockchain Miami conference isn't completely tanking the market, so thank God for that. But there is still a lot of work to be done when great news doesn't move the price of BTC like it should. Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, just announc...

Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful?

5 Jun 2021 2 minute read 18 comments AlucardLife

I started with that quote to lead you into a quote that's more relevant for the crypto market right now. The title quote is attributed to Warren Buffett. I made up this one. It has parallel structure and is more relevant today, so I'm thinkin I'm pre...

The Beginning of the End of BSC Defi

28 May 2021 2 minute read 20 comments AlucardLife

I've written about moneymaking opportunities on the Binance Smart Chain, and I've also written that I'm not sticking around for the long term. Why? Centralization. I'm opposed to it. BSC is a money generation machine for me. I'm not married to it; I...

Embersword Land Sale Proves Polygon is Not a Good Scaling Solution

28 May 2021 1 minute read 1 comment AlucardLife

Currently participating in the Embersword land sale, which apparently crashed the entire Polygon network. I can't verify that firsthand, but here's what I can say firsthand. Polygon is a really shit solution for scalability. Embersword couldn't even...

Saylor's Mining Council is Bitcoin Cash and Should be Ignored

27 May 2021 3 minute read 0 comments AlucardLife

Garbage. If Elon's autistic 180s on bitcoin haven't disavailed you of the notion of following bitcoin superheroes, Saylor's mining council should. Let's get this straight. Bitcoin doesn't answer to any council, especially not one that's just made up...

Day 1, AIBC Conference in Dubai

25 May 2021 3 minute read 8 comments AlucardLife

Found my way to the AIBC Conference in Dubai, which is a crypto-centric tech conference. It's not focused on crypto, but that's their main selling point right now, so there are a lot of crypto people there. There are also a lot of old, fat fucky trad...

That's What You Get for Celebrating Institutions in Crypto

23 May 2021 4 minute read 22 comments AlucardLife

I was going to write a woe is me post, but I decided on this topic. Instead of feeling sorry for myself because of my portfolio going to shit, I thought of something that I could do that was positive. Make YOU feel bad. This is what all of you idiots...