The Market Doesn't Care About Satoshi's Vision
Get past the elementary school discussions about crypto.

The Market Doesn't Care About Satoshi's Vision

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 28 Nov 2020

A commenter on my post 

Coinbase CEO Spreads Useless FUD; Causes Massive Crypto Dump Before ATH

thought he'd educate me on what regulation would do to the crypto market. He began by saying that "I didn't understand" the full ramifications of regulation and that it would be net bullish for bitcoin. He said this, I guess, because he somehow thought that since I put the words "regulation" and "dump" in the same sentence, that I thought regulation would be a net bear.

He told me "the markets don't care about Satoshi's vision" as if I haven't written two dozen pieces on the selfishness and greed of this generation of crypto users. Like human nature is somehow foreign to me, a person who's been human for at least 74.652% of my life.

No, guy, you misunderstand me.

I've been trading the markets professionally for years, so I know what scarcity and quarantine does to the price of an asset. This is basic. I figure that folks on Publish0x understand basic market dynamics, so I write to the audience assuming we don't need to go over this. I've written telling US investors to look specifically for projects in Southeast Asia without US-based exchange listings (point 4 on this list). Why? Rarity = profits. DUH.

Dude finished his statement with "This is bullish for bitcoin" as if he was laying out some eye-opening epiphany for me. WTF.

Dude, we already know. Crypto in 2021 is going to skyrocket no matter what the government does. The asymmetric risk is so asymmetric and the intellectual capital so unstoppable that there is nowhere to go but up. We clear now? You can't educate me on that.

I came up with my own fucking word about the interface between crypto and big finance. Give me some credit, son.

And actually, crypto doesn't need this regulation to pump. It needs this regulation to pump quickly. Maybe you're like most people — here for profits regardless of the long-term implications. The loss of life-changing potential for humanity. Congratulations. You're "practical." You'll serve as a proper stepping stone to some great man's greatness one day hopefully.

I can educate YOU. How about I educate you on the reason that I wrote the article? I'm looking far beyond profits and losses. So far, the entire premise of this blog has been focused primarily on fighting for the larger picture. Satoshi's vision. 

I know the markets don't care about Satoshi's vision. THIS IS BASIC.

There is a group of people spending good money trying to dox him. Still. How stupid.

If you already know that centralized institutions will eventually be forced by government to silo crypto, then HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD INSTEAD OF THINKING YOU'RE EDUCATING ME ON IT. I've written on that here, here and here.

Regulation such as that coming down the pike now will be short-term bullish, but like I said in another post previous, you won't have anything to spend your gains on. LONG TERM FUCKING BEAR BECAUSE IF BITCOIN IS $250,000 PER COIN BUT REGULATED AND SILOED TO HELL IN THE US, UNLESS YOU WANT TO MOVE TO FIJI, THE ONLY THING YOU'LL BE ABLE TO TRADE IT FOR IS THE FED'S FUCKING CBDC.

So if the commenter reads this, sorry not sorry I'm so aggressive. I'm fuckin sick and tired of the elementary school discussions. Big boy pants. Let's take this discussion and the political fight to the next level.

Unless you're one of those people in the market who doesn't care about Satoshi's vision. Then just read my shit and tip me. I'll do my best on my own.


The next level.

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