Binance and Coinbase Bow to US Regulation

Binance and Coinbase Bow to US Regulation

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 25 Nov 2020

If you have identified yourself as a US person, you have about 2 weeks to get your money off of Binance. You shouldn't be holding your crypto on an exchange anyway, but make especially sure if you are a US citizen and identified as such.

Learn this lesson as well — don't identify yourself as a US citizen if you want the most out of crypto. You miss out on countless projects. Look to offshore exchanges like Hotbit and Huobi for those projects. Use a VPN to get around the geographical limitations.

Note that this is true for Binance US and Binance customers. 

Coinbase also took it up the ass, saying it would stop margin trading because of CFTC regulation. The CFTC is part of the cabal that is clearing the way for a bitcoin ETF. Feckless shills like Elliotrades see this as good news because it will pump their bags in the short term.

Fortunately, there are offshore exchanges and even DEXs that will offer this feature in the very near future. We'll be reporting on those here. We owe it to the entire crypto community to support these businesses instead of centralizing our attention on centralized structures. As you can see, they can be easily manipulated to your detriment on a whim.


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