What is Shitralization in Crypto?
Shitralization sucks.

What is Shitralization in Crypto?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 28 Nov 2020

Shitralization, n. — the unsustainable and unequal centralization of a decentralized system.

Wait. How can you centralize a decentralized system?

Easy. Ask Paypal. Ask Ethereum. Ask any number of projects that convenience government censorship and encourage whale creation.

In the case of Paypal, the shitralization is purposeful and insidious. Bitcoin's powerful and well-defended technical decentralization can still be shitralized if a significant enough portion of its value is siloed. I previously said a majority value must be siloed, but I have modified that view. Minorities rule majorities as a rule on the earth. If Paypal gets a significant enough percentage of bitcoin, then it (and the US government) will rule bitcoin [read: you].

In the case of Ethereum, it's a case of game theory and our inability to program systems outside of our own limitations. As smart as Vitalik is, he's still a victim of our world of income inequality and inefficiency. He, like all of us, knows nothing else. So that's what Ethereum became.

We must avoid shitralization at all costs. Shitralization is truly the only way that any outside force can stop what crypto is meant to do — provide financial opportunity and connectivity to the entire world, which should lead to a cleaner and more civil world. I need to put this word on chain, because I actually like it a lot. I'll be using it quite frequently from now on, I believe, because there will be plenty of shitralists to fight as crypto moves forward.


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