The Disgusting Hypocrisy of Christine Lagard
Christine Lagard is an evil bitch who cannot be allowed to regulate bitcoin

The Disgusting Hypocrisy of Christine Lagard

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 14 Jan 2021

Evil James Bond villain, Skeletor bitch and current European Central Bank (ECB) president Christine Lagard recently proposed global regulation on bitcoin. The bitch said that bitcoin was used for "funny business" and made remarks that called for international cooperation in reining in the currency.

Just a few years before, then IMF president Christine Lagard was convicted of providing over €400 million in shady money to a friend of the French president. She was absolutely found guilty, then received no punishment whatsoever. What's even more hilarious — the max punishment was a €13,000 fine. Ok, so...I give my friend €400 MILLION and pay €13,000? Unless my friend is completely ungrateful, I'll take that every day and twice on Sunday.

This is the same crackly crunchy lookin bitch, still somehow has a position of global "leadership," basically trying to stop people from doing what she did as IMF president — give money to friends. Not to mention the US dollar and UK pound facilitate the overwhelming majority of funny money business around the world. This is a documented fact. Ask Jaime Dimon.

What a fucking wrinkly old hypocrite.

This goes beyond a discussion of whether "reasonable" regulations should be imposed on bitcoin. This cuts to the more fundamental problem of traditional regulators being completely unfit for jurisdiction over bitcoin. There is no argument with a convicted fraudster about whether she gets to regulate bitcoin or not. The answer's not even "no," because there is no answer required. 

If you humor Lagard with a discussion of whether she should regulate bitcoin or not, you're just as bad as the folks who just welcome regulation.

Of course we will be required to address this bitch because of the organizational power she wields, but this should not be a civil discussion. The only reason this reptile wants to regulate bitcoin is because it takes power away from her structure — power she uses to launder money. God forbid everyone has the same power as she exercised a few years ago.



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