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Motley Fool Buys $5M BTC After Dissing Crypto? (Supreme Alpha Inside)

By benn0xake | cryptoinvesting | 18 Feb 2021

If you watched Bitboy's latest video, you'll see he covered the Motley Fool story everybody is talking about — Motley buys $5 million worth of bitcoin after calling it a bad investment. There's so much inside alpha here I don't know where to start. I'm excited to write this. 

A little aside before we get to the Fool. Let's start with Bitboy. Fatso. This video was a perfect reason why you shouldn't listen to this guy, but not just for the Fool stuff. In this same video, he started talking about Pancakeswap, because now everyone is talking about Pancakeswap and BSC. If you've been following this channel, you know that I told you BSC was Jesus a long time ago. BSC has been ETH without fees for months, and I just got a HUGE pump in my bags and farms because the herd now understands and got in.

Keep that in mind. In order to make alpha, you must lead the herd. Bitboy is the herd now. He may have been cutting edge before, but he's the herd now. You need to frontrun Fatboy to make any real gains in crypto.

But what's funny is he classified Pancakeswap as a degen play and admitted he didn't know anything about it. And yall listen to this guy? Dude. He's just another one of those lucky stiffs lucky being in the right place at the right time in 2017. He's NOT going to help you get rich. He didn't even know you could buy Frontier on Pancakeswap. In his $1000 to $10,000 challenge, he was asked why he didn't buy Frontier on BSC to avoid the ETH fees. His answer was that he thought buying from Binance was cheating because many of his followers in the US couldn't access Binance. He didn't even know that you could buy Frontier on Pancakeswap, which is a DEX just like Uniswap. It's the BSC version of Uniswap. You can get virtually every major coin on Pancakeswap that you can get on Uniswap with no fees, and you don't need a Binance account to use Pancakeswap. It's a DEX.

Fuckin this is a guy who markets his own fuckin DEX and doesn't understand DEXs. WTF.

So if Fatboy doesn't even get shit right in his own wheelhouse, then you definitely don't need to trust him on stories like the Motley thing. I've written for Motley Fool and plenty of other financial sites way before coming into crypto.

When you write "for" Motley Fool, you're not going through some huge centralized editorial process. That site is an SEO aggregator. They, and all of their competitors, gather writers for volume. They take everybody's work and put it under a single URL so they can get #1 ranking in Google for EVERYTHING. That way if you're looking up anything that has to do with finance, you will see Motley Fool.

As long as you can string together 2 words in a sentence, you can write for Motley Fool. There is no editorial meeting where the Motley Fool CEO says to all the writers, "Ok, we see that the market is moving this way and we want to take the correct perspective on it." No. You pitch topics. You can pitch anything. If you don't like bitcoin, you can write about not liking bitcoin. If you like it, you can write about liking it. These are individual writers who are just published under the same URL so that business can aggregate keywords under its URL umbrella and show up on Google for all financial topics.

Got it? Good. So what does that mean? It was just some individual writer who posted about not liking bitcoin, not the Motley Fool executive suite. However, it's definitely the owners of Motley Fool who are buying the bitcoin. They are buying it partly with the money they collected from the writers who posted there hating on bitcoin.

So when you look at any of these financial sites, realize that you're just looking at individual writers — fully independent contractors — who are just published under that URL. The site itself is not a financial education site — it is an SEO site that chooses to focus on finance keywords for Google. So glad I could give you info that Bitboy doesn't seem to know. And yea, if you want to get BTC, ETH, COMP, ANKR, FRONT, DOT, ADA, LINK and any other major coin, you can get it on Pancakeswap with low fees.

Remember: To make real money in crypto, you have to frontrun the fatso. BSC is still Jesus, but maybe not so much now because dumb money is getting into it.


PS — Motley = a heterogenous assemblage. Fool = a fool. Motley Fool = a heterogenous assemblage of fools. And somehow they got people to take them seriously as a financial site.

God tier troll.

PPS — I can't completely hate on the Fatboy because he did bring out good info concerning the mining pools. So I take back half of the bad stuff I said about him.



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