Hoskinson's Genius Move for Cardano
charles hoskinson gets one right for cardano (Ada)

Hoskinson's Genius Move for Cardano

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 24 Aug 2021

So a bunch of selfish pieces of shit Cardano holders got together and said,

"Hrr, durr, I just learned the basics of finance. When supply go down, dur hurr durr, my coin value go up. Hurr durr, lemme introduce a proposal for Cardano to burn someone else's coins so I can get richer, hurr, durr."

Charles Hoskinson said, "Cool. I'll get started on a coin burn address, and anyone who wants to sacrifice his/her own coins can do so. You'll be doing everyone else a service, because you'll make everyone else rich."

Radio silence.

See, crypto won't change humanity until humanity changes. The way we're going, no matter how decentralized bitcoin is or how many unbanked Africans Cardano hooks, we'll just go back to the same system of unfairness if humans can't get past their own selfish instincts. I've seen this shit behavior in all but a few communities.

I don't hold out hope for the majority of humanity. I think and hope the bulk of you will enslave yourselves to the traditional financial structure. Rest assured, they will use crypto to box you in if you're selfish.

We'll see how many of the ADA holders sacrifice their own coins and lead the charge to make all ADA holders richer. Lame piece of shit motherfuckers. Honestly — if you're not trying to bring value, STFU and GTFO. Go trade some fuckin Gamestop on Robinhood or some shit, you garbage motherfuckers.


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