The Problem with the Hex and Pulsechain Community

The Problem with the Hex and Pulsechain Community

By Alucard0x | cryptoinvesting | 18 Jun 2021

Monkey ass baboons.

So I go into the Pulsechain group (which is connected to Hex as a project of Richard Heart) and someone says that the go.hex site is not working. I recommend, which is a resource that is listed on The mods in the group start attacking me saying that I'm a scammer and block me from talking in the group.

These fucking morons, the fucking ADMINS in the group, didn't know the resources that are on their own web fucking site. The ADMINS! WTF, Richard? Who the fuck do you have running this shit? I thought your audience was the smartest! But this is a teachable moment.

The problem with the Hex and Pulsechain community is that it mirrors the attitude of its founder, which is a huge social front in the first place.

Richard Heart gives some great perspective on the crypto space. But he uses arrogance as a shield to keep from social engagement. We won't go into why this is, because I don't know the man's background. But I can comment on what I saw in his telling interview with The Gentlemen of Crypto and relate it to the rodent ass behavior of his stupid ass Pulsechain mods. 

During The Gentlemen's interview, Heart had on this weird accent, an accent that American whites often put on when speaking to American blacks. It was so bad that King had to comment on it, correctly calling it a "Batte boy accent." Because it is. It's an ironic form of condescension. It's condescending because it assumes that American blacks speak with bad English and you have to speak with bad English so they'll understand you. It's ironic because it displays the weakness of the speaker. In what world do you try to emulate the behavior of people you believe to be dumber than you? In some way, you're trying to become what you believe your listener wants to hear, which completely destroys any notion of your superiority. If you were truly superior, you'd speak your truth and wonder why your listener didn't catch your wave.

This isn't taking away from the information Heart disseminated in the interview. He made a convincing argument for Hex and Pulsechain (not the first time I've heard it; I listen to Heart often), and I learned quite a few things about the early days of bitcoin.

But it was easy to see that Heart's arrogance is a front. He's looking for acceptance of some kind.

The problem with the Hex and Pulsechain communities is that they emulate Heart's arrogance without the intelligence or the years of study. I've seen this many times with interactions I have with the communities. The old fucks needlessly condescend to newer community members. And unlike Heart, they have neither the intelligence nor the accomplishment to back it up. Hence the stupid fucking Pulsechain mods muting me for recommending a resource that's ON THE FUCKING HEX WEBSITE. They were seriously asking me where I got the site BACKUPHEX from! Fucking silly little dumbshit fucks.

News flash, idiots. You don't get the attention from the "mainstream crypto" audience because of your condescension and false arrogance. I've seen the community on Heart's Youtube talks and in the Telegram voice chats. You monkeys are some dirt dumb, third-world, post-apocalyptic baboon looking motherfuckers who don't have the room to condescend to a one-eyed forest squirrel, much less someone who recommends a valid Hex resource to a fellow community member.

You'll do the projects a great good if you come back to Earth and stop trying to emulate Richard. He's a smart guy, sure, but he definitely has his own problems. You trying to be like him + your own problems + yo mama's fucked up genetics = some seriously fucked up human beings.

And no, the irony of me wanting to be in a group with them doesn't escape me. Mistake duly noted; adjustment sequence initiated. I believe in Hex and Pulsechain and I will be investing in them. Doesn't mean I have to invest in the stupid ass community. Hmmm... attitude sounds familiar. Maybe Richard rubbed off on me too much as well.


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