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Hedge funds think they're still smarter than everyone in crypto

Hedge Funds About to Short Bitcoin and Get Rekt

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 2 Feb 2021

CNBC just published an article Bitcoin Could Be the New Gamestop that I think was meant to serve as a warning to hedge funds not to short BTC. We see on the blockchain that many hedge funds are preparing to short BTC in February. Good. Come to the slaughterhouse if you want.

I can't believe that even after Gamestop, these hedge funds still think they are somehow smarter than the average goonball on the street. News flash, dipshits. You're not smarter. The only reason you ever made money in markets was because you got to hide your moves and got protection from government. Neither of these things are true in crypto. If you try to short bitcoin, you're going to get your shit fucked up. Bitcoin has a legit bull market once every 4 years, and this is when you decide to short? Bring it on. I'll be glad to take some money off these noobs.

Pride cometh before a fall. They think they're stealing bitcoin from us with all of their lies and market manipulation, and they will get some off of these new weak hands who don't know how valuable bitcoin really is. But everybody who knows what's up? We're coming for your neck, and if you short, you're not going to do anything but make us rich. Prepare for the squeeze of your life.

I say all of this understanding that Michael Saylor may be putting together the biggest collusion of our lifetimes with his little shitstitutional powwow for... well... shitstitutions. It's very possible that the first step in his playbook to buy-bitcoin-without-moving-the-market is "tank the price." I'm preparing for that. You should have a plan, too. If you have to pull back some farms or take some profits on altcoins, or even a loss, to keep your bitcoin, do it. Get some powder on the side now. We've had a good little mini-alt season, and you can't expect everything to continue going up in a straight line. Some of this manipulation may be the catalyst for a slight pullback, or even a scary one. If Saylor tanks the bitcoin price on purpose with these fucks, it will be the best buying opportunity for perhaps a few years. But it may wreck you if you have leveraged positions on or you're overleveraged in your defi bank.

And even with Chinese New Year, there is still too much positive action on the side of the good guys for these jackasses to win. The tables are turning. No longer do non-finance citizens need "financial experts" to participate in investment markets. That's a privilege I won't be giving away easily. Short BTC. Try to tank it. My great-grandkids thank you ahead of time, noob. XD XD XD



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