Federal Reserve Will Cause 2021 Bitcoin Dumps (Diamond Hands)
The Fed will try to take your bitcoin.

Federal Reserve Will Cause 2021 Bitcoin Dumps (Diamond Hands)

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 13 Feb 2021

As we all know, no investment goes up in a straight line. But there is literally no reason for bitcoin to not go up in a straight line for the next 6 months. Billions of institutional money is publicly flowing in. Private citizens are openly defying governments using bitcoin – key word successfully – as in the case of Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey's blind bitcoin trust. BTC is a static asset competing against inflationary fiat. The majority of the intellectual capital of the world is in blockchain. We got Elon and Saylor and ETFs coming. Unencumbered, bitcoin would lead the whole of crypto into a 100X over the next 6 months.

So if there's no reason for bitcoin to not go up in a straight line for the next 6 months, but we know it's not going to go up in a straight line for the next 6 months, what's going to cause those dumps?

The Federal Reserve and other insidious institutional market players, I think. There are truly evil people whose only motivation is to hold onto the little bit of power they have, freedom and innovation be damned. And they will not give up their criminally created power without a criminal fight. They can't attack crypto militarily. But they have the money printer.

The central bank final bosses we face have the ability to literally just create fiat out of thin air and buy up crypto assets with it. I have it on good authority that the Fed is "looking into a move" into crypto, which means they've already made the move.

If any one entity or group of entities controls enough bitcoin, they can control the price of the asset. We've seen this with normal banks and precious metals. Relatively few entities are able to suppress the price of gold and silver with just a small percentage of holdings in the total market. While everyone is cheering so bullish on all of this institutional fomo, they are forgetting that these institutions will eventually use that power against them.

What is your defense?

1. Do not overleverage yourself when dealing in crypto. The central exchanges will definitely be in on this institutional criminal activity, and liquidations are just as good as giving your bitcoin to the Fed.

2. Learn the decentralized world. There's plenty of manipulation in here as well, but it can be better controlled. Plus, we're ahead of the curve on the institutions in this world. At least in 2021, you have an intellectual edge here.

3. HODL. No matter what, get a stash of BTC and ETH that you HODL through all crashes. Protect it. Remember your private keys and encrypt your password. Hell, I'd rather lose access to my crypto by not remembering my password than have it and give it to the fuckin faggy ass Fed.

4. Don't trust any institution. You think that Elon and Chamath and Mikey are on our side. Maybe at heart. But there are very few people that can get past that metal tap on the shoulder. If the goons with guns come with an offer you can't refuse, then all of the gains in the world can't protect you. What good is bitcoin gains if you're too dead to spend them? Chamath already did a 180 on his bid for Cali governor quickfast. Tap on the shoulder. Look for the Fed to try to put it claws into Microstrategy, Tesla, etc. as their new financial distribution outlets. What does that mean? If Microstrategy and Tesla control too much bitcoin, it's the same as the Fed having it. YOU have to get some and protect it.

5. Don't pay for your Tesla in BTC. This is 4a, kind of. Pay for everything in fiat. Keep your BTC. When the CBDCs come, pay for your every day expenses in fiat. Mark 12:17.

We're having good times right now, but this is a war. Until these selfish, evil central bank types die off, they have to be knocked off. Prepare yourselves.



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