Ethereum: Stick or Move?
Stick with ETH or move on to new crypto blockchains?

Ethereum: Stick or Move?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 27 Feb 2021

The dump is leveling off, and bitcoin and altcoins seem to be recovering. Everything but ether (ETH). As I write this, ether is having trouble breaking above $1500. This is even with every sorry ass Youtube shill calling for $5000 ETH and 5-digit fuckin ETH like it's a given.

It's not a given. These are the same idiots who didn't pick up on the Binance pump until after the 10x. You listen to these morons, you'll be behind the move every time. Elliotrades, Bitboy, Ivan on Tech, all these monkeyshines. If you're getting all of your advice from them and not doing your own shit, you won't ever make the money you're supposed to.

It behooves everyone reading this to take his own perspective on what crypto is doing and create a portfolio reflecting that. Your portfolio doesn't need to look the same as your neighbor's. There are many ways to make money in this bull. As long as your portfolio reflects a logical perspective, you'll do well. But if you follow the next guy, even though it seems like you should get the same results, the universe doesn't work that way. Take it from someone who knows.

So the question of the day is really taking a look at how Ethereum is really doing. Is this sub-$1500 price institutional manipulation or does it derive from an organic move to other blockchains, many of which are becoming viable alternatives? Binance, as centralized as it may be, is the place to be right now, and money is definitely moving from ETH to Binance. Bao Finance is going to xDai. Axie Infinity is going to Ronin, and I believe Aavegotchi is going to Matic. Avalanche and Cardano isn't EOS and Tron. The very real possibility that ETH doesn't completely differentiate itself from its competition in this cycle should be explored.

Mind you, one tweet from the Foundation within the next 60 days could reverse all this. If ETH provides any solution to fees, none of this analysis matters. Other chains will fight for ETH scraps, and that's the bottom line.

Key words — "within the next 60 days." ETH value isn't just a function of tech. It's a function of time. These other chains, outside of Binance, aren't ready to move yet. Polkadot's got all the momentum, but it's not fully functional. Avalanche doesn't have the projects yet. Cardano suffers from continual accusations of all bark, no bite. And Binance stands accused of being a centralized copycat. Yeah, and even though I'm on Binance heavy right now, I'm not staying there. My goal is decentralization. I have to move at some point. I'm still deciding where.

In 3 months, if ETH is in the same place, this landscape will change. Binance will get everything ETH has — it already has its version of Cryptopunks. Valuedefi, Cream and endless other reputable projects. A lot of scams, but some really good with potential like Goose and Wault. That's why I say my opinion on ETH is a function of time. 

Right now, I'm keeping my ETH holdings the same and not selling. Institutional idiots are still looking at ETH like silver. The enormous structure that is the Ethereum Network isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and it still serves as the best/safest vehicle for big big money looking to work in decentralized finance. The retail investor really doesn't matter on ETH right now. He will later if ETH doesn't get its shit together.

But overall, I've found success when my portfolio reflects the nature of the market. When ETH is the center of attention, it should be one of the largest holdings in your portfolio. If the technology is moving in a spread eagle because people are picking up on ETH's weaknesses and 2017's mistakes, your portfolio should be doing the same thing. It really doesn't matter if you don't make a couple thousand if you sold some ETH for some ATOM right now. You could do it and be just fine, because the nature of the market right now is to experiment with other top blockchains. If ETH rockets tomorrow, ATOM's going to get some of that fallout on ETH's next sideways consolidation. You'll make out like a bandit either way.

Personally, I still think ETH has one more leg up in it, but I don't think it's going as high as everyone else thinks it does. This is, of course, barring some sort of gamechanging news about ETH tech. So I will wait on ETH$2500, but I'll be diversifying after that. I do believe there is some institutional manipulation of the ETH price as well. This sub-$1500 price is to shake out weak hands, so don't fall for that.

There's another big bull marker for ETH — the fact that Coinbase noobs don't have access to many of ETH's competitors. In the US especially, investors are quite limited. You can't even get Cardano or Polkadot on Coinbase. That's actually great news. It gives early adopters a definitive edge on the market. And #numbergoup noobs shouldn't have the same access as us. If you're not willing to do a bit of work to circumvent government obfuscation of your investment portfolio, then you're missing the entire point of what crypto is about. You honestly don't deserve the good stuff.

The bottom line — get a sense of the total market and don't rely on these Youtube goofballs to tell you what's going on. Fuck, even a fucking noob fuckin idiot like Andrei Jikh has the unmitigated gall to put his ridiculous, uninformed opinion in a video. You cannot trust these fucks. Trust your instinct, trust the inside track that you have on Publish0x and on Telegram (not Clubhouse; that's for fucking noobs), and trust the technology.



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