Davos 2021: Elites Need Your Help to Impose Enslavement
The elite can't enslave you without you giving up your financial sovereignty and bitcoin

Davos 2021: Elites Need Your Help to Impose Enslavement

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 27 Jan 2021

The elite have come out and said it: You must be complicit in your own enslavement. They can't enslave you by themselves. University of Oxford professor Jonathan Michie wrote in Rappler that Davos participants believe

There needs to be sufficient popular pressure — from citizens, voters, consumers, workers, educators, and activists — to push governments and business to change course fundamentally.

Ok. Ummm...

The key is reestablishing public trust, which is being eroded, in part due to the perceived mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

— The World Economic Forum

I'm sorry. "reestablishing"?


Wait a minute. "Perceived"?

I actually understand the situation the financial world is in today. You can't expect people to shed their human nature just because they are in high financial positions. The real problem is the society that creates the positions.

Fortunately, crypto is showing us that we don't need such centralized structures. Perhaps we needed a centralized structure to get to this point, but it is no longer relevant. Actually, technology has outpaced humankind's emotional maturity. Society as a whole is not ready for individual financial sovereignty, not the elites nor the plebeians.

The elites, of course, don't want to give up power. That's the non-shedding of human nature we're talking about. It gets difficult to come down from a lofty perch with a clear view down. Equality is a sin to these people.

But more importantly, the plebs become quite used to their position as well. Most people still need babysitters although technology has made financial self-responsibility quite manageable even for a busy person.

I've stated before that I think the elites will win. Most folks have been brainwashed or beaten down so much that they just need some relief. Some folks deserve it; others don't. But very few people understand what really makes crypto valuable. They only see #numbergoup, and they are easily separated from their bitcoin by an insidious FUD article or two on CNBC or in a JPMorgan "report."

So congrats, elites, you'll probably get your way again. Hell, I might even join the party if the ignorance of the plebs get me too stressed out. But I'm rootin for the plebs all the way. I want to give you a chance.

So plebs, the elites are on the ropes. It really is your choice what to do right now. Blockchain tech and crypto finance has a legitimate edge on government and you can take advantage of it. If you're in right now, you've frontrun the "smart money" and you're going to be rich. This will give you the the luxury of time and access that you never had before. Properly used, you can change the world. Improperly used, simply given back to the reptiles up top, will put you right back in the position you say you hate.



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