Bloody Monday Tanks Crypto 10%
BTC dumps and who cares

Bloody Monday Tanks Crypto 10%

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 22 Feb 2021

I don't know about you, but I don't even feel these dips. Apparently we had some kind of a substantial pullback? I didn't know. I looked at my phone and saw some red and started buying. I didn't catch BTC under $48K, but I did get a good price based on last week's action. 

Dips are also great for pointing out great projects. Vikingswap didn't really dip at all during this bloody Monday. So when the market goes back up, projects like Vikingswap will really pump.

I tried to get into Elliotrades' Superfarm, but Ethereum wanted $225 for the swap. Ellio, as always, can suck it. Even his project launch is a tool.

Overall, I feel good about the market, and you should as well. I expect BSC to lead the charge for the next few weeks with various NFT projects getting headlines. I'll also be changing the projects below the fold, because I've found some better long term holds than Doki, Unimex and Soar. Gotta always move in crypto, and today is no different.

Speaking of that, I'm going to be apeing into Sodaswap. That project looks good (for a degen play).



Always remember:

Burgerswap Bridge will steal your crypto
Deus.Finance is led by a psychotic wannabe despot
AllianceBlock is a shit project
All algorithmic stablecoins (Basis Cash, Mithril, Empty Set Dollar) are a SCAM

Don’t get your bitcoin from PayPal
Trade on BSC, not Ethereum
Ivan on Tech, Elliotrades and Bitboy are complete liars, and
If you are always losing money trading crypto, read here.

Gems I'm investing in:

NFTs - Doki Doki
Trading - Unimex
Finance - Soar


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