Bitboy's Bullshit Battle vs. the Chinese
Bitboy is a fucking idiot in crypto

Bitboy's Bullshit Battle vs. the Chinese

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 26 Feb 2021

So Bitboy's latest bullshit trade gave him a nice big loss of 7 figures according to him. He's said on many occasions that he only wins trades based on the tools he uses, not because he is a good trader. (It's also a bull market. Anybody can make a good trade in a bull market.) Yet and still BitchBoy can somehow lose 7 fuckin figures on a trade. How? And how does he blame anyone but himself for this?

According to the fat bitch, everything can be blamed on F2Pool, which Bitboy defines as "the Chinese." Fatboy then proceeds to berate the Chinese for everything bad in crypto. Every time bitcoin dumps, it's because of Chinese manipulation. It's the Chinese who will destroy the utility of bitcoin somehow by shorting bitcoin while dumping on the market.

Yeah, and you fuckin believe a guy who prioritizes interviews with Graham Stephan. So Stephan is a millionaire in real estate — what does that have to do with crypto? Why exactly is an interview with a crypto noob big news on a crypto channel?

I think Fatass just likes yelling about F2Pool to make himself feel better about his shit trading. You'll notice that he only starts talking about the Chinese after a big loss, which usually happens after he tries some stupid play like 100x leverage.

Here's the truth, which many Youtubers have actually pointed out. Though F2Pool may have many nodes in China, it is a global pool that aggregates nodes from across the world. It is not inherently Chinese. It's also true that miners sell. They just do. Miners are less interested in the holding of bitcoin for the long term because they have short term costs to cover. Blaming this phenomenon on Chinese miners just lets you know what Bitboy really is — just a fat, sorry Middle American with racist tendencies who lucked up and won the bitcoin lotto in 2017.

It's also true that American capitalists are snatching up everything that anyone is selling. We know this. The Fatboy doesn't strike me as a multistage thinker. But if the Chinese are selling, it's Americans that are buying. So in the short term, Bitboy's "team" would be winning if F2Pool was really Chinese and dumping it all on the market. But he's too dumb to connect these dots.

This is a major problem in crypto. Losers like Bitboy and scammy scumbuckets like Elliotrades now have money. Money gives you the ability to vomit your shit perspective on the world. I'm worried that crypto isn't giving rise to a new type of person to replace the pieces of shit we have running the world now. It's just giving power to a new generation of shits. And not to say the Chinese are any better. But that's the entire point. This fool Bitboy is just falsely exacerbating the same currency wars that US officials are initiating with Beijing. It's no different, and it's done for the same reason. US officials are mad because of their trade deficit with China, and Bitfag is mad when he achieves a trade deficit on fuckin FTX or wherever his dumb ass trades. The truth is that the US has a deficit because of its own shit monetary policy, not China's; and Bitboy loses trades because of his boneheaded 100x speculation, not fuckin F2Pool.

Fat fucking hillbilly fucks like Bitboy are ushering in the same shit world we already have, and retarded people like him need to be ignored and crucified.



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