Binance vs. Ethereum
Binance vs. Eth

Binance vs. Ethereum

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 20 Feb 2021

So I have no emotional tie to either Binance or Ethereum other than I prefer decentralization, obviously. Like everyone else, I wanted ETH to get its shit right, but I don't have billions of dollars in VC funding to wait out bullshit. If I get fucked on fees, I have to move. So I did. But that is it. If Ethereum gets its shit together, I'll move back.

What's most important to figure out is the truth of this false traffic rumor. Who else can get rid of their maximalism and present some proof that Binance is either 1. causing Ethereum's high gas fees or 2. manufacturing its own traffic to look good on paper and attract noobs? If you have proof of either of these things, feel free to comment.

So that you don't get confused, let me tell you what I don't give a fuck about.

1. I don't care that Binance is copying Ethereum protocols.

Crypto is an open source culture. Yall are just mad that Binance is doing it and it's a billion dollar company, so you think they should have the resources to innovate. That's not the point here, and if you comment on that, I'll delete the comment. Why? It has 0 to do with making money or figuring out the legitimacy of Binance traffic. It's just some circular emotional maximalism shit that ain't got shit to do with nuthin.

2. I don't care if you don't think BNB was supposed to 10X.

One of the dumbest and most pointless arguments I've seen on this Binance vs. Eth topic: "Binance shouldn't have 10Xd! Nobody was using Binance Chain." FALSE. I was using it while all of the Youtube shills were yelling this nonsense and telling you to waste your money on ETH fees. I was buying blue chip projects and yield farming profitably with no fees on Pancakeswap and many other protocols wondering why everyone was still buying ANKR on Eth. Hell, I wasn't even buying ETH on ETH. I was buying ETH on BSC for way cheaper than you clowns. I don't give a fuck about you repeating this nonsense you heard from your favorite shiller. There absolutely were people using Pancakeswap for months before the dumbass herd caught on. It was actually one of the most active platforms in all of crypto — they were adding farms like every 3-4 days to keep the cakes moving.

Also, how many complete shitcoins with absolutely no utility have 10Xd in your crypto lifetime? And you think a billion dollar company's coin can't 10X? This is retarded. Don't comment with that shit, because it's completely goofy to think that way. Just because YOU aren't using something doesn't mean it's not getting used.

3. I don't care about your feelings on centralization.

Like I said, I'm a decentralization investor. I really do believe in crypto for the tech, and I'm in this to democratize finance away from oligarchs. That's no bullshit. I'm much closer to achieving the financial freedom I need to contribute meaningfully to this effort because of Binance. That doesn't mean I'm switching my philosophy; it only means I'm using the tools available to me to free myself. So there doesn't need to be any discussion about Binance being the devil because it's centralized. That's obvious. We know that defi is preferred and the final goal. What's more important is how Binance might fake traffic or screw up Ethereum's gas so that we know it's not a long term hold.

So if you have any information about how Binance might be 1. causing Ethereum's high gas fees or 2. manufacturing its own traffic to look good on paper, I'll be very interested in what you have to say. If you want to talk some nonsense that won't help anybody make any money or learn any technical skills, don't comment.



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