Buy the dips, think long term.

Buy the dips, think long term.

By kodi0014 | Cryptohodler's journey | 5 Sep 2020

Hey people. A big opportunity lately. Crypto is down and that is bad news for near sighted people. For us Hodlers, it is time to buy. 

I expect this crash to go on until 20 September, and during these two weeks (where I expect that on 16-17 September the prices should go even lower), I would suggest you to stack your bags. Remember March 2020? If you had sold prior to that and bought during the crash, you would be so in the green with everything.

You can choose whatever you want to buy, but if you are a holder like me I would definitely go with XRP first, VET, Ethereum, Chainlink, ADA.  

Cryptoassets I think worth investing aswell but riskier: ONT, TEZ, OGN, SXP, MATIC, IOST, DOT; KMD ect.

One thing I can tell you for sure. The market will go down this year. But after that, whoever did not fall prey to the selling on fear, will be pretty much ok.

And this time is not going to be a bubble like 2017. This time crypto is going mainstream. Next year by this time, we should be waaaay on the green. And altcoins will run.

And mid to end December 2020, I expect the dollar to totally go down. Big speculations I know, but I am not shooting into the dust. I have my reasons for that. I can tell you folks, some advice I would sincerely tell to anyone, which was told to me by a very dear friend: Dont believe the masses. Dont believe the hypes and the medias. Dont look at the price drops.



Disclaimer: I am not a finance adviser. My post are my own reasoning and research done on crypto. I advise everybody to do the same. I am just expressing my thoughts on the topic. I hope you find it interesting.



Crypto enthusiast and Investor, sharing my thoughts here.

Cryptohodler's journey
Cryptohodler's journey

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