The easiest guide to earn 10K Sat per day, every day

The easiest guide to earn 10K Sat per day, every day

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 22 Jul 2020

Today we will talk about how to get to earn 10,000 satoshi per day, every day. Ideally considering that we will never sell our BTC so earned until Bitcoin is worth at least $ 10,000 our daily 10,000 SAT will be the equivalent of $ 1 a day.

Before starting, I want to clarify now that the "effort" to be used is almost nil and that the goal is achieved through a browser and 3 different sites. Whenever you read the name of a platform, this name will be clickable and you will be sent directly to the site, the advice is to read the whole article first.

I recommend that you read through to the end before judging if my method is right for you or not, also I would like you to recommend other "stonks" ways to earn something in the comments, I will be happy to try them and possibly write a version 2 of this guide.

Also at the end of the article he will make a very brief summary of what to do and in what order to maximize profits.


10k SAT per day, what is it for?


1. Cryptotab (or Brave, it's up to you)

Cryptotab is a browser both desktop and mobile, similarly to how Brave also allows you to earn money for the simple fact that you have downloaded the browser.

Where is the difference between the two browsers? Brave has an integrated adblocker, it makes you earn by showing you up to a maximum of 5 advertisements per hour, the earnings of the advertisements thus displayed will be divided between you and the site that is hosting the advertisement. In this way you will gain both you and the author of the content.

Cryptotab, on the other hand, is a browser with a different philosophy: through the desktop version it allows you to earn bitcoins through mining (real mining using your computer's CPU), given the times that go by, mining is not always convenient (it depends on where you live and how much the current costs ..).

So why on earth recommend Cryptotab if it is not convenient? Taken said.
Cryptotab offers a mobile app that offers you FREE and UNLIMITED cloud mining, for the uninitiated, cloud mining is radically different from real mining in that it makes you earn Bitcoin without using the hardware of your smartphone. In other words, only by downloading the app will you ALWAYS have satoshi for free and without the least waste of resources.



2. Rollercoin

I have already talked about Rollercoin in other times in depth but here I will try to be shorter than usual.

Rollercoin is based on the pure and simple concept of Bitcoin faucet with many substantial differences which, in my opinion, make it a must for anyone who likes to rustle up something online.

Rollercoin is structured like a game, inside the site you have your room with your PC, you can optionally purchase "miners" that will give you hash power with which you will always mine cryptocurrency of your choice between Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum (you can focus on one in particular or divide your hash power as you better believe among these 3 crypto), also you can make minigames that will give you free hash power with which you will get your crypto.

The site pays (I have been using it for more than a year and I have already posted articles with proof of payment) and the payment is completely free.


3. Okex (Daily missions)

Okex is an exchange, personally I don't use it for trading (for that I mainly use Kucoin), however Okex has a program called "daily missions" in which you have to do is click on the box (as in the photo below) and after 60 seconds you will have the btc.

In the case of Okex the profit is limited to 400 satoshi per day.


4. is the classic Bitcoin faucet, every hour you can press the "roll" button which will generate a random number, thanks to that number you will have satoshi immediately.

Why exactly this faucet and not others like cointply? Soon also said here: allows you to earn interest on the amount in BTC that you will earn through the site or that you may deposit.

And it is precisely here that the best part comes: on you will have (obviously ..) all the profits generated by the site itself, however you can move any sum earned through Cryptotab, Rollercoin and Okex to the site. In this way, in addition to the "basic" earnings of the individual platforms, you will also have a daily interest.


In summary ..

  • Download Cryptotab (the advice is to register and then use the mobile app)
  • Rollercoin to passively earn BTC, ETH or DOGE
  • Okex for daily missions
  • with which to earn satoshi from the site, and move all the revenues of the other platforms mentioned above to earn interest on what you have.


Noteworthy alternatives:

As mentioned at the beginning, you can change every single platform, except for, and replace it with someone for whom you may have more confidence, or simply prefer to one of those mentioned by me.

For example, you can use Brave instead of Cryptotab (desktop side), and you can add Honeygain in order to earn money with just the internet connection.

If you like, my alternatives are all illustrated below under the "Useful link" at the end of each of my articles.



Let's sum it up

Like any article of this kind, I do not promise you the moon, let alone become rich overnight. However, I have illustrated how I earn 10K SAT every day (sometimes even more).

I lose about 5 minutes a day to do this because I have the Cryptotab app on the smartphone in which I always have all the sites mentioned as open tabs.

In this way Cryptotab gives me my satoshi, on Rollercoin I have many miners and therefore I don't have to press absolutely anything (I open only to check). For the same speech I open it only to see the daily interest in what amounts. Only Okex takes me 5 times 60 seconds because it physically requires that you press on a box.


We have come to the end of this guide, I hope most of you have come this far, and I hope I have not bored you too much with my chatter.

What do you think? Do you have better "secret combos" than mine? Do you know any better site to achieve the same result? Let me know yours in the comments I will be happy to discuss with you, I only ask you to maintain respect in case you comment, I would like a peaceful discussion that enriches everyone's knowledge.

Thanks again, thank you, and see you next time!



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