A new update for the best platform to earn BTC, ETH and DOGE

A new update for the best platform to earn BTC, ETH and DOGE

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 24 Jul 2020

I state that this article is a sort of "news" on the RollerCoin ecosystem, I have talked about the site on other occasions (full explanation HERE).

Whenever you read the name of a platform in this article, you can click to be taken directly to the site itself.


On July 24, Rollercoin temporarily suspended access to the site to bring an important update, what is it?


What changes with the inventory function?

This feature changes everything in RollerCoin gameplay and offers more versatility to players.


Now you can buy an unlimited number of miners

Previously, the number of miners that could be purchased was limited to the available rack space. With this update, every new miner purchased is placed first in the inventory, so you need to select it and put it in the rack for it to work.

In short, it allows management of their miners that did not exist before.


Remove or replace your old miners and Organize your mining center

If at the beginning you bought less powerful miners and then move on to the best that the store offers, the problem arose that it was not possible to replace an old one for a new one.

All this is now possible because it is enough to move the old one in the inventory to replace it with the new one.

From now on you can organize the space of your room as you prefer: it is mainly just an aesthetic factor, they can be organized by shape, color, put the racks on the sides of the room or in the center etc.




Some user questions and future updates:

-Can I sell my old miner?
-Not yet, however the Marketplace will be released soon, so you can sell your old miners for any cryptocurrency between BTC, ETH and DOGE.

-What can I do with the miners stored in the inventory?
-You can place it on any of your racks, replace it with another miner from your rack or simply to keep it in your storage.

The inventory function allows players to take a completely new approach to the game.

The most important thing about this update is that Inventory is preparatory for the future decentralized "Roller-market" that RollerCoin has been working on for some time.

Soon there will be a real opportunity to control and dispose of all in-game properties - to customize, sell and be able to shape a pure virtual economy.


Final thoughts:

I have been using RollerCoin for about a month after launch, it really has enormous potential and the possibility of creating a market within the system is simply fantastic. We could (ideally) buy a miner at half price on sale, and sell it when the price increases. This offers additional earning possibilities that will add up to those already present on the platform.

RollerCoin is part of my guide on the "combo" of platforms to reach 10k satoshi per day: LINK HERE

And what do you think of it? Did you already know RollerCoin? Did you know it by reading some online articles? (maybe one of my own, I would be very pleased) Or are you simply not in favor of such sites and will you not use it? Let me know yours in the comments.

Anyway thank you if you got here, and see you next time!



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