Monthly Income Report: I achieved my goals!

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++. | 2 Apr 2021

This month became a rollercoaster yet fun because of the crazy moving of the price of every crypto but just like what crypto-enthusiast said, “It's pretty normal” Well, I'm glad to announce that I achieved all of my goals on every platform that I am pushing. I am using three different platforms and I am doing my best to grow in every community. Now, let's take a look on my monthly income and I'm glad on what I achieved.

I know that I don't have a big bag for my crypto but I'm doing my best to earn and diversify my portfolio.

This platform is my first home and I met a lot of friends and consider it as family. Eventhough TheRandomRewarder wasn't visiting my articles, my friends didn't fail to give me even a few upvotes and I really appreciate it. Also, I'm proud to say that I only skipped 3 days without writing on this platform since they are accepting articles that didn't crypto-related and it is one of my favorite side of this platform.

At the end of the month, I earned an approximately $154.54 (as of writing) since Rusty (TheRandomRewarder) had a great time with me.

This earnings was from only and the nor faucet is not included.


The name of the wallet was $70 goal because my goal is to earn $70 before March ends but I achieved it more than I expected.


I registered on this platform last November 2020 but I didn't push it because most of the articles here are more on crypto and that time (until now), I'm a noob that haven't any idea about cryptocurrency so I chose to abandon it.

Later on, my friends in also used this platform and that encouraged me to use it. I tried publishing different articles that not crypto-related but as expected, I only got a few cents but I'm still thankful on that. Then last month (March) I decided to push my Publish0x journey an aimed to be more active and read different articles written by different authors. Well, it was successful because as the time goes by, I am growing even a it is slowly...I trust the process.

I set a monthly goal in Publish0x and it is to earn even $1.50 for the whole month and surprisingly, I achieved it! I know that it was very simple since I know that most of the users here are earning more than a dollar on every article but for me as a newbie, it is a great achievement. Also, I told myself that I need to have an atleast 1000 views before the month ends and I'm glad that I also achieved it. I also got my first dislike, it's not achievement but yeah...I hope that some users will not dislike my blogs since I'm doing my best to publish a crypto-related article. I even joined in #SearchWithPresearch contest and whenever I lose or win the contest, I'm proud that I joined.


In total, I earned an approximately $1.74, 1,656 views, 68 likes and 1 dislike. Looking on my statistics, the article that has a great views is my article about KuCoin. If you haven't read it yet you can read it now by clicking THIS.

Leofinance and Hive

I have an account here for long time but I also didn't push it because I'm having a hard time but since I'm so eager to learn, I explored the platform and had an idea on how it works. Thanks to my friends who's always teaching me to do the right thing.

On Hive, I rarely use this since I lost all of my power back then and I can't do anything but only to read. Before, I didn't know that there's a “power thingy” here that's why I had an interaction on different authors but later on, it says that I'm out of a power and I need to wait more to recover. I am using Leofinance oftenly to read different news on each crypto and learn new things. Also, I'm having a great time to use it since I also earned more than I expected as the community are being generous and welcome the new members with a warm welcome.

So far, I earned an approximately $8.56, honestly I don't know why it was only the earnings appeared on my wallet but I actually earned more or less $15. I'm still exploring the platform and maybe soon I will know the reason. I chose to stake my LEO to earn a power and have a privilege to use the platform.


I only have one question here, I published different blogs here but it didn't appear under my blogs, meaning it disappeared but I don't know the reason...anyone here than can tell me the possible reasons?


I also joined on other platform but those three are my priority because I can't manage the other platform because I'm so busy on my schoolworks. So far I'm having a great experience on these platforms and I'm glad that I joined here. I'm always doing my best to grow and learn new things and I believe that this will be my stepping stone to fulfill my wants. I will also publish my plans on this month tomorrow.

Here are the links if you haven't joined yet:




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