How to buy WAX in Kucoin

How to buy WAX in Kucoin

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++. | 29 Mar 2021

One of the trend in crypto space is what we called NFT or Non-fungible Token. There's a lof of platform where we can buy, send, and store our NFT and one of them is Atomichub. Now, to be able to use Atomichub constantly, we need to have this thing called ram. Ram is limited and it can be used on every action that you do, once you used the 100% of your ram, your actions will be limited. 

We can buy a ram using WAX but some people are thinking how they can buy a wax without using any bank accounts or credit cards since the exchanger on Atomichub says on every crypto payment is “Pair inactive”. I heard that some people having a hard time to buy WAX and I am one of them so now let's discuss on how can we buy a WAX in KuCoin? 


1. Obviously, the first thing to do is to deposit the crypto that you want to exchange into WAX. Click the Assets tab and choose Deposit. Take note that Kucoin only supports the pair WAX/BTC and WAX/ETH so you need to use either BTC and ETH. We can't deny that the two famous coin are spending much fees om transactions so I used BCH who have a low fees compared with the two. Remember, if you directly send your BTC or ETH, skip the third and fourth step. 

fbc27cdf5905fb3a9bfb9a25e4cf5b6caa2db42f7fc5a01545463474ddeeccd8.png 2. Once your deposit crypto arrived, you need to transfer it first from your Main account to your Trading account. If you deposit BCH or other crypto, then you need to change the currency into the specific coin that you deposit. (Red box). The yellow box has a Main word then in blue box has a Trading word which means you are going to transfer your balance from your Main account to Trading account. The purple box indicates that you will switch the two accounts (Main and Trading). Once you are done, click All (orange box) to transfer all of your balance into Trading account. Then click Confirm. 76440a9cfb4c0707ef09b7085813436c4fd7f8000641185063bab4ff14f5918d.png 3. This is a little bit tricky since I am using Android, I can't find the Exchange feature so I manually searched and type the link to exchange my BTC into WAX. 

Now, since I deposit BCH, I need to change the pair into BCH/BTC first by manually replacing WAX from the link into BCH which results: 5e36d01d2d529754250823136463f1479df5ed75e0ed297f118565cf44c1a8fd.png You can also search the pair that you want, just search it on the pair options (Yellow circle).   4. Once you setup those things, all you need to do is to Trade it so you cab exchange your BTC into WAX. On the lower half of your screen you will see this. 3acad6425d378a383559ae90bfa73cd7b5f4d21212264153e53a042c026b0699.png Click the Market (Red) so you can change it instantly then choose if you will exchange your BCH (or other coin) the 100%. Then click Sell BCH.   5. Once done, you need to setup your pain into WAX/BTC and repeat the process. 9115b838eda93113d2a221efd2f7f50bec90b60ed0cab710559c0009037faeef.png 6. Go to the lower half corner of your screen again and Buy WAX. 55e7ff143fc8d923a98138dabe10a94b0a216349b5c4eae2bb86241455f58b13.png Don't forget to click the market so you can exchange it instantly.    7. Go to your account again. This time, you already have a WAX. All you need to do is to Transfer it from your Trading account to your Main account so you can withdraw it.   8. In withdrawing your account, you only need to click the Withdraw tab. b8179cc02e71ff04f656bfada64d17d9f75eb6e4f2f4f51c6abb600f0c87bf6c.png You only need to provide your wallet address then put the amount that you want to withdraw. Things to remember that you need to pay 10WAX as your fee so put more WAX in your account.   CLOSING THOUGHTS This time, you can start your journey as a NFT artist by creating your own NFT and buy more RAM so you can make a lot of your master piece.    As my review, it's good to use Kucoin in buying WAX especially you don't need any bank or credit card if you want to buy it. On the other hand, I can say that 10 WAX fee is quite expensive than my expectation. 

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