airdrop: tron as a gift starting from May 30th

By dg501 | Cryptocurrency great | 16 May 2021




Here for you a great opportunity to get Tron as a gift. With this Airdrop that starts on May 30th you can receive Tron as a gift directly in your wallet.


Here are the steps to follow to get the cryptocurrencies:



1 - visit this website


2 - Log in with your Tron wallet address. If you don't have a Tron wallet yet, you can download Klever wallet or TronLink Pro. Both wallets can be found on the google play store.


3 - Follow the telegram group and the telegram bot. After that you have finished


4 - Wait ... a few weeks. Starting from May 30th all registered people will receive Tron as a gift.




The website is well done .It's an Airdrop so it's completely free.



I don't know how many Trons you will receive. However (few or many) will be Tron as a gift and this is wonderful.




Book your gift now.

Log in to the website ... and sign up with your tron wallet address!

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Cryptocurrency  great
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