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Cryptocurrency Education / Block Traders
Cryptocurrency Education / Block Traders

Cryptocurrency Education / Block Traders

Vlog about Cryptocurrencies and Traditional markets

How The Crypto Industry Changed My Life!

25 Jul 2019 31 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

  A Life Changing Experience We’ve all had it. The job that we hated, the boss we didn’t like, the feeling we could do so much more and that others were holding us back. I still remember the feeling I used to have when I would go into work and think...

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

16 Apr 2019 2 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

  Learning strategies is important for any and all of us. Nobody wants to buy blind and nobody should be putting all their eggs in the basket at once! Have a watch of the video like subscribe and share and join me on the educational path to success!...

Is Unification (UND) XRP 2.0? IEO April 10th at UTC+8 on Bitforex!

10 Apr 2019 2 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

Unification is a Hybrid blockchain solution for Enterprise. Above is my interview with CEO Neyma Jahan I explore what is Unification, how does a WRKchain actually work and why is this something people will quickly adopt. What is a really telling sto...

Adoption from the grass roots: The reason its just not happening yet!

23 Mar 2019 7 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

As someone who has been extremely involved in the cryptocurrency space the past 2 years, and 6 as an investor I want to point some things out. The whole space is full of egomaniacs When I first got involved as an investor in 2013 buying 2.5 BTC I...

Stablecoins aren't the answer for Crypto!

17 Feb 2019 4 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

Please Subscribe and share if you enjoy the video. Jamie Dimon and Bitcoin JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon is well known for his hatred of Bitcoin and love for the blockchain. It is understandable that he does not really have any clue what Bitcoin was creat...

ATHENA TRADING BOT - What is it, whom is it for, and what have the results been like?

20 Jan 2019 3 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

Athena Project is a self-funded small business that focuses on trading solutions for Professional trading communities and new traders entering the market. We chose not to do an ICO as we felt it was scammy to create a token to use the bot, when we w...

Cryptocurrency Education with CryptoProfile?

19 Jan 2019 3 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

Crypto Education with CryptoProfile CryptoProfile was founded in October of 2017. The mission the one stop shop for cryptocurrency information, ICOs and how to evaluate them and much more. Max Ng and Co. started with a vision to simplify all that was...

We know what the Institutions are saying, but what are they doing?

17 Dec 2018 1 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

  Many of us hear that institutions are buying tons of BTC, XRP and other top 20 cryptocurrencies.  The thing is how much truth really is there to that, when we cannot even see the market moving in any direction other than on a downtrend. Ri...

Will the stock market's bearish outlook affect the Cryptocurrency Market?

13 Dec 2018 2 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

About 3 months ago I was reviewing what was happening in other markets as the cryptocurrency market kept falling. So I opened up tradingview and what I saw was something so incredible I had to look a second time, I thought I had opened up the BTC/US...

STEEMIT running out of STEAM? : 70% Employees laid off

11 Dec 2018 1 minute read comments Joel Kovshoff

  Has Steemit seen its glory days run dry? There have been many rumors that the CEO Ned Scott has pushed the company to the blockchain focus that he forgot about Steem being a social media platform. Now these are just things some of the former emplo...