Cryptocurrency Education with CryptoProfile?

Cryptocurrency Education with CryptoProfile?

Crypto Education with CryptoProfile

CryptoProfile was founded in October of 2017. The mission the one stop shop for cryptocurrency information, ICOs and how to evaluate them and much more. Max Ng and Co. started with a vision to simplify all that was difficult in terms of getting started in the space. Max wanted to break down the really complex coins and simplify them to make it easier to understand what they did. CryptoProfile broke down literally every single coin and token on coinmarketcap into summaries which gives an explanation of what each project does. Another section on their website is ICOs in this section its like a one-stop shop for ICO information. They show you the Past, Current and Upcoming ICOs, but not only do they do this, but they also give you links to the site, Whitepaper, the blockchain, the management, token supply and start and end of the ICO. This is very much a place to go to when looking at ICOs right now and wanting to learn more about what's present, what's coming and what has past us. Max created the MAXI Chart this is a chart that has had a traditional accuracy of 80%. Max uses this to help new crypto holders, investors and traders make better choices when to enter and exit trades. What you can see here is CryptoProfile’s team is very community focused as they have 1.3 Million members in their community already. The goal of this team is to support everyone and help them get started on their journey and act as a hand to hold along the way.


Let's look at the educational coin review that is on CryptoProfile. When you go to the page it looks similar to the likes of CoinMarketCap. It has all the coins their values and rankings as well as all the other info you could find on the main page. There is a very interesting info section for each coin, this is where it gets interesting. The CryptoProfile team has broken down every single coin into a simple description of what they are and then when you press on the little information icon up will pop a brief description in more detail about the coin/token. This helps the end user have a really simple description of the project’s that is easy for anyone to understand. To do this they have broken down all the whitepapers and mumbo jumbo for people who are new to the space into a few sentences that explains the whole premise of the company itself.


CryptoProfile, as I said earlier, has a goal to educate people and help them get started on their cryptocurrency and blockchain journey. On their page, they also have some basic introductions how cryptocurrency transactions work in a flowchart. This to most seems easy, but for someone new to the space it is a daunting task that is confusing. Nodes, Validators, POS this stuff isnt for the faint at heart. There are exchange guides with visuals so you can get started and signed up. Explanations of what KYC is and what Two-Factor Verification is and how to properly back it up can be found. They have wallet guides as well so you know where to store your cryptocurrencies and how to do it safely as well as make backups so you do not lose your keys

or JSON files, or seed words. This was all set up so people can invest in ICOs they please simply and easily and also feel safe knowing they did it correctly following a proper guide.


I know you are probably thinking, so why CryptoProfile? For one they are an honest bunch of semi-retired professionals who care about mass adoption in the space. Their team is dedicated to the continued growth of their robust community and educating those in it to have the correct information. With the industry riddled with scammers and bad actors that slowly will be shaken out its nice to know that there are communities that are for the continued growth of the space.


Crypto Education has a few fundamental problems:

  1. There are few experts in the space
  2. There is a lot of misinformation
  3. There are bad actors (scammers)
  4. It is a new space so lack of maturity

The best way to address the problems the industry is currently competing with is simple. Have good people educating those who are new to the space. The fact that they have a site that will tell you a breakdown of literally every single coin simply and easily on CoinMarketCap says a lot about their commitment to their members and anyone who wants to join their community as you can find them free at The point here is simple it is very hard to trust just anyone in this space, but that being said a team committed to community and education of their community seem like a great place to start.


Joel Kovshoff

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Joel Kovshoff
Joel Kovshoff

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Cryptocurrency Education / Block Traders

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