How The Crypto Industry Changed My Life!

How The Crypto Industry Changed My Life!

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A Life Changing Experience

We’ve all had it. The job that we hated, the boss we didn’t like, the feeling we could do so much more and that others were holding us back. I still remember the feeling I used to have when I would go into work and think what in the world am I even doing here? I haven’t always had bad jobs, of course, I’ve had some great ones as well. Even so, I learned that in most of the jobs I had, I never felt fully fulfilled. Being someone who has a background in high-level sports as a player and coach, I learned I’m not someone who rests on my laurels. I learned to be the best you have to work harder than others, you have to push yourself and those around you to be their best and reach their maximal capacity for the good of everyone. I was never a slave driver as a coach, instead I was a players coach who listened to others and tried to find their best role and put them into it so they could help the team. Working in a job is fine when you love what you do, but sometimes even that isn’t enough as those around you or the demand for business growth makes it feel unfulfilling, unsatisfying and at times overwhelming. You make someone else a ton of profit in most jobs, but it's rare you’re appreciated for the work you do and what I’ve come to find is usually most bosses treat you like you are replaceable and rarely do they truly value your efforts. 

Teacher Life Experiences

I used to be a teacher for 8 years in Canada, Korea, and Thailand. I started in Canada as a Physical Education Teacher and I loved every minute of it. As a former athlete, it was something that didn’t feel like work and I had a great mentor teacher who gave me full reign. I then taught Law and that really didn’t interest me one bit. I ended up doing okay with that placement, but it taught me that a teacher can teach anything, even things they aren’t interested in or really enjoy. My last placement was in an outdoor education center that I fell in love with, but I wasn’t very experienced with this type of education as a teacher, only as a student who really enjoyed it of course. I again learned that if I challenge myself to try something new and find ways to simplify it, most people can understand it easily and that made me a better teacher.  In Korea, I really didn’t enjoy teaching English my first year, but still had a great experience. I once again realized there are many things I can do to help others understand difficult concepts. I then went on to teach in an international school as a kindergarten athletic director. It was okay until the school was having some issues and tried to change my contract to be a classroom teacher. It got worse when I hurt my back and was being asked to lift 300lbs volleyball standards. The school got ugly and started to treat me like I was always doing something wrong, so I actively searched for new options until I found one in Thailand.

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Off To Thailand

Moving to Thailand was a complete 180-degree change from the stringent and overworked nature in Korea. That being said, the students were not as super honed in and focused and I needed to change my style to fit their needs. Thailand provided me more happiness and a really lovely group of friends. At first, I really liked the school I was at, but over time I saw the many flaws and the very business-first approach.  I tried to fight for the students and the school to be better, but that would cost money the school didn’t seem interested in spending. They had a lot of funds coming into the school but that didn’t seem to matter. I’m someone who always wants the best for everyone and the fact that the school seemed more focused on money than on education started to bother me. I was lucky enough to meet my beautiful wife, get married and soon we had our first bun in the oven. Life was going great! I found my soulmate and decided I wanted to move up and get something new.

The next step was moving into an international school.  On my third day at the new school, they let us all know they were scrapping signed contracts and lowering our benefits, provident fund and vacation time. I had just bought a house after signing the contract a few months before with the expectation we would be there for 5 years. This was obviously a horrible experience and the owner of the school acted like he was sacrificing so much for everyone, while overspending on things that didn’t seem necessary. I was trapped so I started to apply for other jobs, I was shocked that my wife who was pregnant with our firstborn, who was also employed there, was going to have to hear bad news. In the end, it worked out and I found a new job in a school on the other side of town. This would have been 2.5hrs in traffic in Bangkok and wasn’t ideal, but we were lucky my wife's father had a house we could stay in only 10 minutes away. We had a better set up as the new school was a Canadian International School and I was a Canadian Certified Teacher, meaning working there would be an easy transition.

The new school was actually a big improvement. The VP and Principal were super kind and encouraging, we did camps, we got the students more involved in sports as that was a large passion of mine. I was always given criticisms constructively, the vibes were super positive and even though some were not as happy as I was, the class sizes were small and I could manage. I got some friends hired who were excellent and loved by the school, staff, kids etc. My second year our VP had left and this new pompous jerk came into the role of VP. He started to make my life difficult from the first week. One day my PC in my room died and I had lessons to teach. I knew there were other PCs in another room and swapped them and he went crazy and pulled me into a room acting like I stole something. I’d been at the school at that point for over a year and nobody ever had an issue with this before, not to mention he kept trying to find everything I did wrong and nothing I did was right. Needless to say, my environment changed but the Principal always had my back and was a good guy, but he was close to retiring and didn’t want to deal with drama, so he let this VP get away with a lot. This VP made all the best staff leave the school by not even offering another contract, and why? He was going to be the next principal. It left a nasty taste in my mouth.

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He then went on a no renewal of contract spree but he "let me stay.” I should’ve just left then, but I didn’t because I wanted to see my Grade 12 students graduate before I left. BIG MISTAKE! This guy took camp away from the kids, didn’t trust my judgment, always second guessed me and made me really go from someone who loved working at the school to being depressed to even come to work. I'll never forget when I got into a motorcycle accident. He literally never asked me if I was okay, what type of human does that? He hired all his friends and made another his VP as well. Needless to say, the situation was bleak. All I knew is I was getting paid well, I had a family to take care of and I just needed to finish out the year. I pushed through, coaching basketball and trying to focus on the students who respected and admired me. This is what kept me going. Without those kids, I would have surely left the school. It was a toxic environment I had to endure and I had nobody on my side and knew it. I did make it through and on that last day, I was so happy to get out of there and move onto something new. What I didn’t know was that I was about to go on a trip that would push my life into a new direction completely. One that would change my career and life forever.




The Crypto Life

You’ve probably come to this point and are thinking okay let's get to the good stuff, and I have to admit the start of this is a little bit depressing. I promise that it gets so much better. When I first came to Thailand, two of the other teachers were talking about Bitcoin. I remember thinking a few of my buddies are into that, but it will never work. The guys convinced me that I needed to get some, but I didn't have much cash at the time for it. I was told to just buy a little. It was 170usd at the time so I threw in 450usd or so equivalent in Thai baht. I remember it was approximately 2.5BTC. From there I watched it crash and totally forgot about it on my older laptop with a bitcoin core wallet. I honestly thought these guys were idiots and I lost my money. Then the boom came and I had no idea what was happening until one of my buddies said “Did you see BTC? its 300usd!” I was like “NOOO!” Then it was 500, 800, 1000 and I was thinking, I don't even know how to sell. Haha yes really, I didn’t know how to sell.  But I thought it’s all good, I’ll just see what happens. What I saw next was devastating, as it crashed all the way to 250usd. I didn't freak out though as I was still up and totally forgot about BTC again when teaching and meeting my wife took over my life. Then in 2015 in Spring my old MAC died, I thought I will just ghost the drive, but it didn’t work. I went to see how much it was to get a new HDD and remembered I should probably see how much it would be to recover the drive and the 2.5BTC first. It was going to be around $500USD without a guarantee they would be able to recover it. I took the drive and thought well that was fun and went home with it. It sat in a bag with tools and computer parts, and the typical man wire box/bag.

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I then focused on getting a new job after I got my wife pregnant, thinking maybe one day it will be worth the money to recover the BTC. Well I did get my wife pregnant and we were preparing for our first child. My focus was now on this and finding a house and a new job to support the family. We found our beautiful house in an amazing location and got ready to move before our son was born. We were both still working for the school when we packed everything up and moved into our new home. Onto my son being born and one of the happiest days of my life. I will never forget the emotions I had when my wife's water broke. I was shitting myself so to speak. Excited, nervous, and scared. It’s probably one of the craziest emotional experiences you will ever have. It was amazing! Then on to the International School which sucked, then over to the Canadian International School and moving yet again. Somewhere in this kibosh of craziness, I must have lost that hard drive because in 2017 January when a friend called and said "Bitcoin is about to hit 1K", I remember thinking now is time to retrieve that BTC off my Bitcoin Core Wallet.

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What Happened To My BTC?

I searched everywhere for my Hard drive with the little BTC I had on it, where I was at my father-in-law's, and the house we bought it was gone. I searched frantically trying to find it, cupboards, suitcases and drawers, all the wire bags and tool bags. That drive was nowhere to be found and a tough pill to swallow at $2500, let alone at the top when it was worth $50,000. Eventually, I accepted the reality that either my wife or I tossed the drive when we moved. I mean it was dead for at least a year by then and who knew what was to come? All I could think about was what if it goes to 3K from now? I had what was then not a term like today, FOMO or Fear of Missing Out, and bought a few BTC. I was a new father and as a teacher, I didn't have a vast amount of funds to invest. I knew from my past experience that this market was incredibly volatile, so I only invested what I could afford to lose. So I was in the game again and ready to see what would or could possibly happen. There was a growing hype behind the industry. The interest was high so I was expecting to see about 3-4K and that would have made me very happy. It was time to let go of the lost BTC and see where the 3K I put in would really take me to get started all over again.


Crypto Started To Choose Me

I remember a few buddies of mine told me BTC is going to be huge that year. I also remember thinking to myself I can't really see why it would be so huge. I talked to people and they would say either it was a scam or it’s not real money. I would bring it up and some people would even laugh at me. I remember finding it hard to find anyone to actually talk to about cryptocurrency and as an educator, I wondered how it could get so big. The average Joe doesn’t even understand what it is. They mocked me for even mentioning it or looked at me like a confused puppy dog with their heads slanted to the side. As a high school educator, my special talent was making everything from History to Business fun for students. I always had to have my creative cap on and try to think of how the students may perceive and learn the content from various different angles. I started to spend lots of personal time learning about Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and Blockchain technology and I thought who is there really to learn from in the space? I saw there were many people known as "shills," which basically are hype machines getting people excited. This wasn’t bad, as it led to many new adopters of cryptocurrencies. It led to people who never had invested in their lives to start investing for the first time, which we soon would find out either had large success stories or very sad endings. I remember thinking to myself I should really use the knowledge I have, which at the time was still quite amateur compared to the likes of Ian Balina and Andrew Lee, and start to educate others. I still remember when I first started. It was November 2017 when I did my first live feed video in the corridors of my own classroom after school.


My Baby Steps Into Crypto/Blockchain Education:

So it all started and I was now chatting to a group of 45,000 people in Crypto Warriors on Facebook. I had no idea what the response would be like, nor did I know what would or would not happen. It felt like my first time stepping into a classroom at the start of a new year. What would they think? Would they like my style? Would the delivery be okay? I had many thoughts, but I went forward. From the very start, the reception was positive. Many said I was helping them with just a short video live feed, so I started to do them more often while watching my audience gain ground. I really enjoyed interacting with the several people there to learn. I would do more research as they would ask me all sorts of questions and some, due to the nature of the industry, I didn’t know the answers to. I would go on and research. The videos helped me a lot, as I would then always have new things to learn and find new ways to teach others. It became a fun task each evening to educate myself more. I was still juggling an insane school schedule, but crypto became addictive. Even my students in business class were asking about what Bitcoin was, so I was even able to educate them. It was so much fun talking about this new industry that was purely in its infancy, that was in a hype cycle, and had so much promise long term. If I didn’t realize it before, I started to see then that this wasn’t going to be just some small industry. It was going to be a huge industry with mass adoption by what I guessed would be 2020-2023, though now I see it more 2023, with many countries getting rid of cash and moving to digital assets/money.

So there I was, creating content about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, finding the real stories to talk about and mentioning the fud and scams that were rampant in the industry. I did these live feeds on Facebook for months and then I started my own page and group called Cryptocurrency Education, now BlockTraders and Athena Education. I got onto YouTube and on Twitter I would post content, do my live feed videos and post them to some of the other groups on Facebook I knew like Altcoin Investing for example. My page started to grow but I started the page after 4 months of doing videos and the bubble was already popping, so I tried to focus on the good and stay positive to help all the people freaking out. The term HODL I wish was only there for the strong I learned as many were losing a lot of their funds in USD and BTC value and did not want to sell, that term actually REKT several who invested more than they could afford to lose. I started to preach more to only invest what you can afford to lose, not knowing we may enter and did enter into the longest crypto winter to date not long after BTC futures came out. I continued creating content, went back to my days from high school learning TA and Fundamental analysis in my Investment and Finance class, and started posting what I saw, albeit limited. I created a group on Telegram to share my thoughts as to what was happening, and some people even threw me a bone here and there which was nice. It was like my first business in Crypto, I did have another as an educational recruiter for schools which was very challenging, but also rewarding in itself. I actually used some of my gains from doing this to invest in some ICOs. Most did not do so well. I invested in more BTC also at what was probably a bit too high of a rate on the way back down.

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I was humbled by everything and wondered what I could do that would turn into a full-time job in the profession and how I could offer more than just being someone on a PC making content. I did have some new opportunities arise, like projects asking for transparent reviews. I was offered opportunities to be an advisor to some projects and give them the crypto insights they needed,  and also connected with influencers and helped with some strategy. One of the projects I worked with, Verasity, said I gave them a lot of value, so I thought maybe there was a way to work in the industry. As you know, I was not very happy with my job and if there was a way to follow my new passion, I was going to find a way to make this work and pushed myself hard. I worked at the school, learned more TA and started to become more active in the community. I went to more meet-ups locally, engaged in several groups and networked my butt off. In October 2018, I had my first real opportunity to speak at a conference. It was BlockHedge 2018 Bangkok, held in a prestigious hotel. I went on stage and used the questioning techniques I learned as a teacher and it went very well as we spoke about blockchain adoption. 




I continued to speak at more events, create content on my youtube channel, while going to other events I was not speaking at and finding ways to become more and more involved in the space. It was such a wonderful feeling being able to help others learn about this new market and technology and how it could change the world as we know it. By then I had a group of people who were with me and we all learned together. This is an industry which easily should have numerous university degrees in itself, as there is everything from Computer Science-Communications-Finance and much more. It was really cool that for the Bangkok Blockchain Conference, hosted by a friend of mine known as Crypto Jen, that I would be a panellist, speaker and also MC. The conference had about 100-125 people, but this was a nice group in the middle of the bear market. I also met some really great people and made some new friends I still have today. It was quite funny as I remember speaking with my friend Dunstan Sibbechai and we were discussing that $3200 was the bottom for Bitcoin, that we would start to see growth closer to April and that in April the market would be back. We are both the type to be able to see things before they might happen and Dunstan was in Crypto from the start 10 years ago, so if he and I thought the same it was a very strong confirmation.



Meeting Some Amazing People

In my life, I had worked several jobs, met all types of people, children, and friends, but something about this industry always did and still does feel different. Now you might think oh all the weirdos. Sure I have met some animated characters. Not that I’m not one on my own right, but really some of the most down to earth, warm people I have ever met are Cryptonian. This is a different industry altogether than a traditional business. People do not want to compete so much as they want to find ways to work together and support one another. It’s not cutthroat and many have big hearts and want to change the world. This was way more evident from November 2018 at conferences, as they turned into more of a family gathering. It’s hard now to go to a conference where I don’t know at least several amazing people I would give a hug and genuinely ask how they’re doing. I have met many who want to achieve similar goals in terms of making the world a better place, putting students in school, building a village and giving back to those who really need it. I have made several friends here in Bangkok that are not going anywhere, some being Soma, Laura Takenaka from NEM, my good friends at Bit-fish. Really there are too many to name, but that is the point, you meet fantastic people. The industry is full of wonderful people who really want the best for each other and have the same goal; adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies worldwide and it always feels this way. I have met some truly amazing people like my friends Katy and David who both are generous and care about others. They have plans as philanthropists to build housing, schools and help those in need. There are several great people I have met in the industry just like them who want to use cryptocurrencies to actually help those who need it the most. Who don’t want to hoard the funds for themselves, and who care a lot about others. It's a very warm place to be in when you have these amazing people around you, and as a former educator, it makes me feel really good to be in this new industry that’s such a revolutionary one. One of the best people I ever met was Nick Baba. He was truly someone who helped push me into this profession full time. He helped me to get what I needed to start and he pushed me to be the best me I could be. He’s the one who brought me to Vegas and funny enough even told my brother whom he never met before to join us. The man is a saint and someone I have the utmost respect for. I am sure one day I will do good for someone else just as he has for me.


Our Crypto Venture  - Athena Project 

As I said above, where you see me sitting in the SW Steakhouse at the Wynn in Las Vegas, my life was about to change drastically. A friend of mine said to me, “I will support you if you have a good idea. I know you work 16hour days and I want to see you at Ian Balina's level one day. I believe in you.” In January of 2018, I had an idea that would solve a lot of traders’ problems, and also all signal groups for different markets. I wanted to create a system with my partner that would make it easier to get started trading. A system that would give traders control of how they trade and the ability to follow a trader or trading group. The thing I knew would be most important was it needed to be a non-custodial solution for traders and users. We learned that via API's we could actually create a system that could trade for others. It would let them keep their crypto in their own wallets on an exchange and could be managed with minimal effort by the trader. I knew others were doing this via ICO, like Genesis Vision and Crystal Token for example, and raised millions. My partner and I did not want to create a useless token that would only have one purpose, using a system that was not even built yet. We wanted to create something that was real, marketable and that others would want, without being a part of a scammy ICO that got everyday people Rekt just so we could gain some funding. 

We started it out with just a basic Telegram bot, but the bear market hit us as much as it hit everyone else. We focused on creating more value by adding features, and even to this day, we are always improving upon it. We created a platform that is online, so that not only was this a Telegram trading bot, it was a full-fledged trading platform. The Platform has TradingView integrated directly into it. Members can chart, change and set their own settings for trades. Users can manually trade, follow trading scripts or follow their favorite trading groups. The platform made it easier and will let you sleep at night knowing your risk management is in play, no more it will come back you set your parameters and it will follow without the emotions. We improve week by week and day by day as we constantly listen to our group of active members. We add new features, new strategies, new exchanges and more as we go. The problems of not being able to set a stop-loss and a sell at gain on Binance, not being able to profit trail and not having a trailing stop are now a thing of the past. We didn’t only fix this, but our platform does all 4 at the same time.

If you would like to support our project, use our system or find out more about it the link is above and my contact details are below. 



The Challenges Along The Way

Becoming an entrepreneur is an amazingly uplifting and empowering feeling. It does not come without challenges and people who will try to pull you off your path. These challenges will make or break you as they sometimes feel like it might be too much to handle. What I can say from some of the experiences I am about to share is this. Not only did this empower me further, it has taught me the only person that can hold me back is me. The challenges are only a part of the adventure towards success. We can lay down and say why me and worry about all the things that could happen, or we can stand up and DO THE WORK. As a former athlete, I learned that challenges and failures help build character and provide us with more lessons than success. The challenges I have faced some have not faced and many others have, but I never chose to dwell on the past. I reflect on them, learn lessons and let it provide growth.

Challenge #1

The most difficult thing in leaving a job paying you monthly is that now it’s all on your own back. You are the reason your family eats, or does not, your children get the toys they want and so on. The challenge in itself is not being comfortable, to be constantly finding ways to innovate, collaborate and push yourself to the next level. Being uncomfortable is challenging. Putting yourself on the line every day to fend for yourself is not an easy task, but man is it ever a rewarding one! Nobody said anything in life is easy, so you might as well push yourself daily to do what you are passionate about and makes you happier. You learn a lot about yourself when you are not comfortable and it helps you find your own worth.

Challenge 2

We entered the bear market a time where nobody wanted to even talk about cryptocurrency. It was hard to sell anything related and it was even harder to stretch the money we had. This challenge taught me to be frugal, to not overspend and to live within my means and to work hard and develop. I spoke at more conferences, I went to meetups and I worked to build relationships in the industry. I was a partner of another business that failed, but I let that be a lesson as I knew that was not going to mean I would fail. The hard part was funding and learning to live and spend smarter and to get through the bear market knowing that success was on the other side. This was a difficult challenge most, if not all entrepreneurs, feel at some point in their career. Jack Ma felt it at Alibaba and knew he wouldn’t make money for three years during the stock crash. He made it through and now is one of the most successful and respected entrepreneurs of our time. I learned to look up to those who have had this struggle, I looked at Google, Apple and Microsoft and how they started and realized I was no different. Push onward, and like I learned playing high-level football for most of my life, "winners never quit".

Challenge 3

The scams in crypto are rampant and no matter who you are it seems we have all been affected by these. I have been exit scammed by ICOs, and have been scammed with fake allocations in the OTC world. They say in crypto if you haven't been scammed you have not been involved for that long, and it doesn't matter who you are really. Some of the most prominent people have been scammed and hacked. It really is the worst feeling knowing this has happened and there is little you can do but hope they made a mistake. This is a challenge that not only hurts your reputation, but also others who have trusted you. Getting scammed is nobody's fault and everyone's a victim. The only thing you can do is try to eventually make it right. It is a huge challenge when it happens and it's even harder when you have to tell someone else that their money's gone and there’s not a whole lot you can do. I hope others never learn of this feeling and I am hopeful with coming regulatory frameworks coming out that nobody else has to be a victim.

Challenge 4

My ex-partner, who did not have the same values as Serby and myself, was so far my biggest challenge. This man is simply sick and I honestly feel sorry for him, as the more I got to know him the less I wanted to work with him. Mike started with a sound spirit and mindset and was friendly, but many signs started to present themselves that he was not the right fit for someone caring like myself to work with. The man was straight out abusive, rude to everyone who disagreed with him and very aggressive. It took a plan to make him not to want to work with us for us to think that he would go on without us peacefully. Not only did this man steal clients behind my back, but he also didn’t even seem remorseful about it. Eventually, I made a video to state what happened and the ultimatums began. To make a long story short he bullied and harassed me and any clients I had until I had to stop ignoring him and ask him politely to stop. This was met with a F**K off and I will end you. I was shocked because this man had it in his head I was focusing on him. I was actually quite focused on our company and made several strides ahead while he was slandering, defaming and lying to others about myself and my company. I had grown sick and tired of explaining myself and so this is why I asked to no avail. 

What happened next became my next biggest challenge. Mike had started to pay people and create fake users to slander me online. He even wrote an email to me saying he would. He made up a fake account telling me that I am going to be in trouble with the SEC of Thailand. I asked for the name of this lawyer he pretended to be and noticed it was a picture of someone related to Mike and this lawyer did not exist. I really started to see that the man was mentally ill, so I reached out to his mentor, who for some reason mocked me like I was doing wrong to him. This man then did the unthinkable, and when I say unthinkable, its criminal!

  1. He modified an SEC document and posted it all over the internet acting as if it was true
  2. He created a fake NDA with a copied signature from a document with my wrong address and old passport number saying I admit to crimes.
  3. He posted my passport photo online breaching the Data Protection act from when we started a business together which he never listed me on.

With all that going on, I kept moving forward and I didn’t let it take me off my path. It's a challenge that of course caused stress and some hardship. Was I going to let that stop me or pull me off my path? Absolutely nothing would stop me from achieving my goals. I made a video exposing him for all the lies and things he made up and I washed my hands with it. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur. Challenges bring you up, not hold you down. Bad people are out there, so learn to be strong and not make the same mistakes again. Learn to smack a bully in the mouth with a reality check that they can't stop you. Only you can! I don’t usually even waste a minute of time on that stuff, simply because I have people who are worth my time and I’d rather dedicate as much of that as I can to them. 

So, when someone says this is hard, I say no it's a challenge, learn, grow and prosper. Do not let haters stop you. Only you hold yourself back in the end. Stand up to bullies by showing them success, not giving them any of your time and just continuing on the path. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding and the challenges along the way build character, lead you to better decisions, and as long as you learn from them you grow. I would like to say those are all the challenges, but that's what makes it fun. 

The Adventure

The adventure so far has been quite a wild ride. I have learned so much along the way about myself, about those around me and about my business partner Serby. I started this whole life change inside of my classroom after school one day. I learned what I really wanted in life and how I could have it if I just put my mind and my heart into it. There have been many days when as an entrepreneur I wanted to give up. I thought several times will we be able to do this, can we make it? Being an entrepreneur is hard because you are doing what everyone else usually does not want to do, that is taking a major life risk. I used to have a job, it paid me monthly a steady income, I have kids and a wife to take care of so there are hard times in it all. You have to persevere through the harder times and work hard to make sure you come out on top. Nobody said it's easy, but being your own boss and learning is extremely rewarding, and you learn a lot about yourself. 

I have come a very long way since that first live feed video in my classroom. I have spoken at several conferences, been invited to others, met wonderful people and learned every single day. I have learned that I can persevere through the hard times! When money was tight and when I thought I could not do it and when I felt I didn't know what to do next. I pushed and prodded away at every challenge and learned that growth is an integral factor to success in those challenges. I have become a part of several crypto groups with other educators, traders, and influencers in the space and made some really great friendships along the way. I now know who I can count on in the space for pretty much everything and I feel that we are on our path to success in our industry. 

When I watched Game of Thrones they kept saying Winter is coming. Well It came, and we beat the Night King and now its Spring/Summer and as I said in January, April will bring us back. We are not only back, but we are also in a bullish market for the first time in almost 2 years. It is time to savor the moments to come, educate myself and others more and bring everyone on the journey to a life of financial freedom, happiness, and success. I started this journey to help others learn about the market, but now I have a much bigger vision, to help as many people as I can find financial freedom to pursue their most inner passions. If you would like to join me the links are below. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the impact you can have on people!

Here is one from a member of mine who says I saved his life! No matter the amount of money I will ever make in life it will never make me feel the way this did. Impact on others is what I live for in life and this can pretty much outline it perfectly. 

Here are some photos that can laminate this journey well:

Here are some photos that can laminate this journey well:


(Charles Hoskinson - IOHK - Cardano (ADA)


DS Summit Bangkok (Dunstan Teo, Rico Pang) - Spoke on a panel about the Future of STO's



(Educating about Mining with activities at the best meetup spot in Thailand, Bitfish)


(Moderating a Blockchain for Adoption Panel - Tokenomx 2019 with Miko Matsumura and Nicolas Merten)


(Thai government officials at Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha's Keynote speech)



(June 26, 2019 at Next Block Conference, Speaking about Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Trading Platforms)


There are many more pictures and memories, but to think of where I started and now where I am at is incredible. I never in 1 million years would have thought so much could change so fast and that life could set me with so many challenges and rewards. Doing this was not an easy decision. It took heart, passion and constant enthusiasm to make it to where I am today. All I know from my experience is that when others like Gary Vee, or Jack Ma say you can do it too, they are not wrong. If you follow your heart and your passions, the things you do in your life will change others. I learned that coaching football, teaching children, coaching adults in the crypto space and from the blood, sweat, and tears I have put into all I am and will continue to do. 

Never be scared of what you might not be able to do. Be scared that you might not ever try to do it in the first place. 

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Joel Kovshoff
Joel Kovshoff

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Cryptocurrency Education / Block Traders

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