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Adoption from the grass roots: The reason its just not happening yet!

3 days ago Joel Kovshoff $5.30 (1,616.9511 BNTY)

As someone who has been extremely involved in the cryptocurrency space the past 2 years, and 6 as an investor I want to point some things out. The whole space is full of egomaniacs When I first got involved as an investor in 2013 buying 2.5 BTC I...

Stablecoins aren't the answer for Crypto!

17 Feb 2019 Joel Kovshoff $3.26 (993.3714 BNTY)

Please Subscribe and share if you enjoy the video. Jamie Dimon and Bitcoin JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon is well known for his hatred of Bitcoin and love for the blockchain. It is understandable that he does not really have any clue what Bitcoin was creat...

ATHENA TRADING BOT - What is it, whom is it for, and what have the results been like?

20 Jan 2019 Joel Kovshoff $0.10 (30.7165 BNTY)

Athena Project is a self-funded small business that focuses on trading solutions for Professional trading communities and new traders entering the market. We chose not to do an ICO as we felt it was scammy to create a token to use the bot, when we w...