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My Crazy Crypto Story: 4 Months of Slander, Defamation, Modified Documents and Harassment

1 week ago Joel Kovshoff $1.44 (959.2981 HYDRO)

As someone who works in the crypto industry, I do ask all of you to share this. Michael Andrew Watkins from the UK originally from Australia has been harassing, slandering and bullying me behind a keyboard. Not only that this man went so far as to do...

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

16 Apr 2019 Joel Kovshoff $0.02 (16.2053 HYDRO)

Learning strategies is important for any and all of us. Nobody wants to buy blind and nobody should be putting all their eggs in the basket at once! Have a watch of the video like subscribe and share and join me on the educational path to success!  ...

Is Unification (UND) XRP 2.0? IEO April 10th at UTC+8 on Bitforex!

10 Apr 2019 Joel Kovshoff $4.43 (2,955.2270 HYDRO)

Unification is a Hybrid blockchain solution for Enterprise. Above is my interview with CEO Neyma Jahan I explore what is Unification, how does a WRKchain actually work and why is this something people will quickly adopt. What is a really telling stor...