Is Unification (UND) XRP 2.0? IEO April 10th at UTC+8 on Bitforex!

Is Unification (UND) XRP 2.0? IEO April 10th at UTC+8 on Bitforex!

Unification is a Hybrid blockchain solution for Enterprise. Above is my interview with CEO Neyma Jahan I explore what is Unification, how does a WRKchain actually work and why is this something people will quickly adopt. What is a really telling story here is that this is one of the few ICO/IEO/ITO etc... that actually is revenue positive which I honestly could not think of many others that were?

Neyma and team come from a background in real business, and they are focused on bringing blockchain adoption to the next level. They decided to go with the WRKchain or better known by some as a permissioned sidechain so that nodes can work together even if they do not like each other. 

An example: 

In education, we have tons of issues with plagiarism in universities and several, miss this and people write half copied thesis papers and get away with it. Imagine now for papers across Ivy league to Community colleges a system where professors come to a consensus about papers. Now also think of it this way those professors reading this paper all must read it, evaluate it, and come to a consensus. This will take out the professor knowing that student and give an honest overall evaluation. So each professor is basically a node. Then for each paper, there would be a rotation of who uploads those papers/marks to the Mainchain. 

Your mind is probably already imagining other ways this can be utilized right? The other really interesting and confusing for some to understand is the masterstaking model with 96 nodes that UND uses. Instead of just giving yearly incentives to secure the network, Unification gives their masterstakers crazy incentives to secure the network. The first and second year it is possible to make 100-400%! I have never seen something so lucrative, but they really want the network secure right from the get-go and what a better way to do this!!

Unification is a project looking to bring the blockchain to real-world businesses as you can see from the video. Their commander-in-chief Neyma Jahan is focused on not being a status quo ICO of 2017 but has a true focus on building a company that is blockchain for enterprises by offering the infrastructure to allow real companies operate on the blockchain at predictable costs and speed unlike our friend Ethereum. For example in a WRKchain you will not really have fees, only when you stamp results on the mainchain will the block be processed using UND.

If you are feeling lost at this point, so did I at one point but the interview we did above really helps to shape this in an easy to understand way for anyone that can grasp.


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