How should your cryptoportolio looks like?

First, you shouldn’t take cryptocurrency too seriously. The cryptocurrency
market is very volatile, and if you do not learn to be easy-going about risks and
losses, you will drive yourself crazy. It is better to have an easy-going attitude to
this business from the very beginning. Personally, I think it is impossible to
survive in the cryptocurrency market without humour, and even a swear word or
two. At the same time, do not treat this business as a casino or a lottery. In the
cryptocurrency market, you need to have a sound strategy and a strong sense of

You need to set goals:
define the specific sum of money or percent of your income you
⦁ will invest monthly in the area of cryptocurrency;
⦁ define the degree of your readiness for risks;
⦁ define your specific goals in the short and long-term.
But before you start you need to understand:
⦁ Several ready-made strategies with low risk to enter the market
⦁ Ability to filter content and information around you
⦁ Communication with more experienced traders of the

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Cryptocurrency and stocks
Cryptocurrency and stocks

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