Brave Browser; How well does it work?

By Wynqarrin | CryptoCrossroads | 27 Apr 2021

 Brave browser I first started trying out last year, and am extremely happy that I did. Granted it is not perfect, but it is getting better over time as the development is being done carefully...unlike firefox, and these days Mozilla's lost a lot of what made them the go-to.

 Brave rewards is the main topic of this post and here's a screenshot, just taken, and shows earnings thus far this month.

 Not too bad for just using it to look things up when I run into a situation when writing. I don't do a lot of surfing, actually quite little compared to the average person. So that should be considered in to things.

 The more you use it, the higher the rewards, obviously...seems to be how it works, but I might be wrong.

 For reference, I mainly just chat with friends and look around some favorite youtube channels, check my email, and the vast majority of what I do is looking up various things to flesh out the Plausibility of technology and the background universe in my stories. Most of that is science-related articles, astronomy and such. 

 Brave functionality is very good. I have tortured it, intentionally...I wanted to see what it takes to crash it. Only managed it once with 200+ tabs open to a combination of pages full of cute animal gifs and youtube videos.

 Tried that again and while it was didn't crash the 2nd time I tried it.

 It's fast, smooth, responsive and I am considering promoting my literary efforts through it as well.

 In short, if you're a Cryptophile, you should have a good look at Brave, it might be just what you need and are looking for.

Thank-You for reading!


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