Why cryptocurrencies will change the travel industry?

Why cryptocurrencies will change the travel industry?

By utaini | Crypto, Travel and more | 14 Jan 2020

While cryptocurrencies (with Bitcoin at first place) become mainstream, I tell you how things will change in the tourism industry.

In this case, we have not to consider cryptos like a way to invest, but mostly a way of payment.

If you work in the travel industry or if you frequently travel abroad, you know that one of the biggest problems is the payment of hotels, services, etc. This problem is due to three major causes: the difference in the currencies, payment fees and the time that international deposits take.

What if both travelers and service providers have a Bitcoin wallet?

With Cryptocurrencies, the problem above will be totally removed! You don't have to continuously calculate the change rate, you don't have high fees each transaction you make and each payment takes no time at all!

Medical tourism is one of the niches where we can see this movement towards cryptocurrencies. There are many Hair or Dental Clinics that accept Bitcoin payments all-over the world. This is safer for the clinic itself, but for the patient too. 

Another good effect that this evolution will have on medical tourism is that prices will be lower (there are going to be fewer bank expenses and fees), giving access to cures also to less developed countries.

Crypto, Travel and more
Crypto, Travel and more

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