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Today is the International Pizza Day... a sort of Bitcoin Day!

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Did you know that Pizza is the dish of Bitcoin? On May, 22nd 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid for two pizzas at Papa John 10.000 BTC. Those days BTC was about $0.04 - so he paid $41. The payment entered the story of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general a...

Why cryptocurrencies will change the travel industry?

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While cryptocurrencies (with Bitcoin at first place) become mainstream, I tell you how things will change in the tourism industry. In this case, we have not to consider cryptos like a way to invest, but mostly a way of payment. If you work in the tra...

Is Bitcoin the next "Safe Asset"?

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Earlier this January, the tension between the US and Iran pushed the price of Bitcoin up to $8,200. Once the tension was a bit ease the value of the BTC decreased to $7,800. This movement is similar to the one that had the value of Gold, of Petroleum...

What's happening to Brave Advertising? Here's the answer to the question

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Brave developers released the possibility to earn BATs by getting ads during classical internet browsing. These ads come as notification on the device you are using. You can choose how many ads per hour you want to see (from 0 to 5 ads per hour). In...