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By utaini | Crypto, Travel and more | 25 Aug 2020 is finally available in Europe, so I decided to open an account and to see what's behind this App.

I started from a referral link of a friend of mine that gave us both $50 in CRO token (if you want to subscribe using my referral code you can do here).
The App is clear, blue and white themed with only necessary stuff on the home page:

  • your balance
  • favorites
  • top gainers
  • crypto news

You can easily manage your portfolio from the menu, deciding to invest, trade, or pay from the main menu.

But now let's jump to the main feature of the Visa Debit Card!

Alright, let's start saying that it's a debit card and not a credit card as I read around.
There are 5 tiers, each one without monthly/yearly fees. Each one gives you different privileges, depending on what you want to invest.

The Midnight Blue is the basic card. It needs no stack (so it is totally free), and it's the classic "plastic Visa Debit card". It gives you 1% Cashback (in CRO token) on what you spend.

Going up on the list we find the Ruby Steel card. If you want it, you need to stack 1,000 CRO (1 CRO is around $0.14, depending on the market) on your wallet for 6 months. Privileges get naturally better with this tier. The Cashback passes from 1% to 2% and you'll have the Spotify Premium fee rebated up to $12.99 in CRO token (the Spotify subscription fee varies depending on your nation, that's why they write "up to"). If you decide to unlock the initial 1,000 CRO, the Ruby Steel gives you automatically the privileges of a Midnight Blue (it will stop rebating you Spotify Premium, and you'll have 1% Cashback instead of 2%).

On the tier above the Ruby Steel, we find the Royal Indigo/Jade Green (the color depends on your choice). Do you want it? Get ready to stake 10,000 CRO for 6 months! Of course, the stake increases, but privileges get more interesting. The Cashback bumps up to 3% (in CRO token as usual), in addition to Spotify Premium, you will also have your Netflix account rebated (up to the monthly standard HD 2 screen subscription), and you'll have free access to Lounge Key Airport Lounges. If you decide to unlock the initial 10,000 CRO, you will not have your Spotify Premium and Netflix accounts rebated, and the Cashback decreases to 1.5%. You will maintain your access to airport lounges.

Let's step ahead with the Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold (as mentioned above, the color depends on your choice). The stake required grows to 100,000 CRO for 6 months. Perks are obviously higher and include 4% Cashback (in CRO token), Spotify Premium and Netflix as before, plus Amazon Prime rebate (up to $12.99), 10% rebate on Expedia (up to $50 per month), and the Lounge access for you and one more person that travels with you. It's not over! You will also have a Welcome Pack with exclusive merchandise, a bonus interest, and free access to the private section of As for the previous tier, if you want to unlock the initial stake after 6+ months, you'll lose rebates, the Cashback goes back to 1.75% and you will maintain the access to the airport lounges.

Fast your seatbelt as we are approaching the top tier in the list: the Obsidian Black!
What to say about this level? Stake required 1,000,000 CRO for 6 months, elegant black metal Visa Card, 5% Cashback (in CRO token), SpotifyNetflixAmazon Prime, 10% rebate on Expedia (all with the limits mentioned before), 10% rebate on Airbnb (up to $100 per month), free access to the private section of crypto.comlounge access for you and a person that travels with you, and Private Jet Partnership. As for the previous tiers, if you want to unlock the initial stake after 6+ months, you'll lose rebates, the Cashback goes back to 2% and you will maintain the access to the airport lounges.



Here some other interesting facts you should know about these Visa Debit Card.

If you decide to unlock the initial stake and then stake it again, the "time counter" will restart. Let's say you have the Royal Indigo and after 10 months you want to unlock your CRO if you decide to stake again 10,000 CRO to benefit again of the perks, 10,000 CRO will be staked again for 6 months (and cannot be unlocked).

The same thing happens if you decide to upgrade your card. Let's say you want to upgrade from Ruby Steel to Jade Green. Your "stake timer" will restart, and 10,000 CRO will be staked for 6 months.

Other interesting things are the fees. As mentioned at the beginning, there are no monthly fees, no annual fees, and no withdraw fees (up to a cap that depends on the tier of the card, thereafter the fee is 2%). will charge you fees only in a few cases (replacement of the card, the closing of the card with a balance on it, restore of a dormant card).

The card you'll choose can be easily managed from the App You can top it up, manage limits, and have a quick view of your expenses (you will receive a notification every time you'll use it).

I decided to "order" a Ruby Steel card. It's easy to reach 1,000 CRO inviting friends (you need just four of them) and with the Spotify Premium rebate.

The only thing I want to warn you about is the fact that has no agreement with Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, etc. This is an offer that could be limited in time.

Do you want to join and have a free $50 bonus? Sign up using this referral code: rtuqt94k7y

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