A stablecoin could easily resolve a huge problem of many tourists

A stablecoin could easily resolve a huge problem of many tourists

By utaini | Crypto, Travel and more | 10 Feb 2020

I just came back from Denmark and while I was there I realized that a stablecoin could easily solve a huge problem that many tourists face while abroad: currency exchange and payments. I tell you my story as an example.

I booked a flight to Copenhagen and then a Flixbus to Odense and noticed that the bus stop in Odense was 5 km far from the hotel I booked just in front of a commercial area. Once I landed in Copenhagen, I went to the Flixbus stop thinking that I could buy the local bus ticket directly on the bus with my card or at the mall in front of the bus stop.

Once reached the local bus station, I discovered that there were only two ways to buy a local ticket: through the app (dedicated to Danish resident) or by paying cash to the driver. I decided to go to the mall and change my EUR in DKK, but there was no currency exchange office.

The only thing I could do was to walk to the hotel... and so I did. The first thing I did once I reached Odense? I looked for a Currency Exchange Office and changed 50EUR. Change fees: 6.00%!

Things could have been much cheaper if the bus accepted contactless payments or payment in crypto.

I travel a lot, and everywhere I go I like to discuss new ways of payments with hoteliers and persons who work with tourism. The main thing that blocks the most of activities (hotels, services, restaurants, etc) around the world to accept cryptos, is that the value of cryptos could be really different a day from the other. The solution could be a real stablecoin that operates on a contactless card too.

Many hotels are afflicted by high operation costs on the payments they receive, but they hesitate to move to cryptos because they are afraid of the high volatility of the market. How can we help this category? What could we suggest to do?

Crypto, Travel and more
Crypto, Travel and more

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