What's next with EXODE? Unleash the Robots!

What's next with EXODE? Unleash the Robots!

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 22 Jun 2020

It's been a few days since eXode had its Booster Opening Event and so far it seems that it was a great success! As of writing this, more than 13,500 boosters have already been issued and their Starbase Market has seen a lot of trades happen the last weekend. The next big milestone for the game will now be the introduction of a new version of Evacuation where you will finally be able to play with your own cards and bring your own crew together. Most options are already known but there are two cards yet to be released: Kilbot KB-119 and the Galvin-4 Diplomatic Droid! Today I'd like to introduce you to these two fine gentleman.

If you haven't heard about eXode yet, you'll find a lot of articles about all aspects of the game in my blog. Espacially The Comprehensive Guide to all EXODE Alpha Edition Origins is a good place to start if you are new to the game. In short words, eXode is a decision making game powered by the Hive blockchain. It's made up of a fast paced Evacuation and more laid back Colonization stage. The game is strongly focused on tradable cards that can enhance your playthrough in many ways. But now, let's meet Kilbot KB-119:

KB 119-Kilbot

Wow, that's quit the package! At quality level 9 and a lot of traits focused on combat, the KB-119 shines at a singular job - killing anything and anyone standing between him and well, anything else. He's Versatile so he can be used with any Origin. If you want to bring him with, he replaces one of your regular crew members.

He features the Expertise: Heavy Weapons trait, indicating superb skill in using heavy weapons like his integrated KB Blaster. Because of the Integrated trait, you could equip an additional weapon to Kilbot 19, just in case you deem him not violent enough yet.

Galactic Peacemaker

Any weapon will do, but with a Heavy Weapon like the Galactic Peacemaker, he will wreak havoc among your enemies like no other. He also comes with his personal bound Armor, providing him with fantastical protection from anyone that has the audacity to fight back.

You might have noticed his Killer Instincts. A Robot made exclusively for killing is not exactly interested in using a subtle approach to combat. He will always choose the most destructive and aggressive approach to any encounter. If you need the target alive, it might be a great idea to send Kilbot to the other side of the galaxy first. Also, if any of your colonists are talking too much and start annoying your KB-119, there might be some accidents - so it's best to keep him safely tucked away from the rest of your colonists whenever you can.


Did anybody mention talking too much? If there ever was a robot that loves talking all day (and night... and the next day as well) it was Galvin-4, your friendly Diplomatic Droid and Social Robot. Like the KB-119 you can swap him in for any of your crew members.

As you can see from his traits, he was built for the sole purpose of making conversation. He's a Fast Talker, so he will perform any social action a lot faster than anyone else would. Since he's a Pacifist, he will never take up arms and never use any aggressive skill, even when his friends are attacked.

Speaking of friends, there's nothing more important to Galvin-4 than having friends and having non-stop social interaction. This may lead him to start conversations and social interactions whenever he can - even if he's not ordered to do so. That could potentially lead to smaller problems since not everybody in your colony might be interested in idle chatter with a robot...

Captain Cranium

So from time to time he might get rebuffed by the colonists he tried to socialize with. And by rebuffed I mean punched in the face, or shot, or punched in the face and then shot. That's why you'll find some spare Robot parts packed together with Galvin-4, just in case you need to replace his head (again).

Unlike any other robot, he actually has morale. That means that he can get really depressed if he gets rebuffed too often and you don't want a fast talking social addict to be depressed. He'd tell everybody about it, again and again and again, and that probably wouldn't be the best thing to happen for the overall happiness of your colonists.

Both KB-119 Kilbot as well as Galvin-4 are extremely powerful cards and probably the best crew available in their respective area. They are very restricted in what they can do, though, so it's always a trade-off to bring them with.

They both have the Locked Actions trait which means they can only be used for the purpose they were built for. With the Kilbot that's shooting stuff and with Galvin-4 that's talking to stuff. Whenever you need something else done, like picking up stuff, moving stuff or stuffing stuff, you'll have to find somebody else for the job.

If you are interested to bring one of these Robots with you, they are sold as part of the Glorious 8 in eXodes shop for 30$ each. Like all other options from the Glorious 8, any unsold copies will be burned in 2 weeks so they are bound to become one of the rarest cards in eXode.

I really enjoy eXode and I think you might too. If you want to join the game, you need to get at least a single Origin (sold at 10$ each) from the shop. If you join using my referral link, you'll get another two free boosters (which are sold at 3$ each) and because I already have more than 10 referrals, you will also gain an random Epic character which could be worth 10$-20$, depending on the card you get.

That's all from me today, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. Thank you all for reading and see you next time!

Disclaimer: This article has been published on Hive as well using the #exodenews account. The article can be found here. The article is my original content and does not contain writing by anybody other than myself.


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