Are Your Summoners Prepared For Chaos Legion?

Are Your Summoners Prepared For Chaos Legion?

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 8 Apr 2021

About a week ago, I've made an article detailing why I believe Splinterlands Untamed edition cards to be one of the hottest investment opportunities right now. I've got a lot reactions and questions on all channels that I released it to. Most commentators seemed to be in agreement with me, but there were also some misunderstanding and uncertainty regarding how things will move forward with the release of Chaos Legion. So in today's article, I'm doing a follow up on last week's article, explain what's going to happen in greater detail, and give some additional advise on how to best prepare for Splinterlands next set.




Let's first talk about the big plan for ranked structure after Chaos Legion is released. Keep in mind that everything below is just work in progress and any of it could be completely changed at any moment. I'm also not a member of the team nor do I have any insider information. It's all pieced together from reading the articles they put out and listening in on their weekly AMA. So what's going to happen? When Chaos Legion gets released, there are plans to create a second ranked queue which I'll dub modern for now. In modern, only the two most recent sets will be playable along with at least the Dice set and reward cards from the Untamed era. I'm not sure about the Orb set yet, I'll try to ask about it during one of the next AMAs. At the same time, the old ranked format, let's call it classic, will be carried on just as we are used to simply now also allowing for Chaos Legion cards to be played.

There are 2 important reasons for that step:

  • With more and more sets coming to the game, deciding what card to use will get harder and harder within the short time frame and especially new(er) players would have an extremely hard time deciding what monsters to field
  • The cost of entry would escalate more and more. Right now, you need a deck worth several thousand dollars to compete for the top spots in Champion and things would only get worse with yet another set.

The important thing to understand here is that non of this will make your old cards unusable in any way. The classic format will still be around, you will still be able to play all your cards there. The modern ranked format will also not take away from classic in any way. It will be a second ranked format with its own DEC price pool. So if anything, owning these old cards will allow you to compete for two price pools instead of one. Nevertheless, the modern format is where most of the action is going to be eventually as it's where most new players will gravitate to. That's not to say that some of them won't try their luck in classic as well, but modern is most likely going to be the most important format moving forward. So what does that mean for us?




Most importantly, we won't be able to use the summoners above in modern. The general consensus seems to be that Alpha/Beta summoners are stronger than Untamed summoners, at least on average. Once modern starts, we'll only be able to use the rare and legendary summoners from Untamed, the rare summoners from Dice, possibly some of the reward summoners, and finally the yet to be released new summoners from Chaos Legion. So if you have been mostly relying on Alpha and Beta summoners - like a lot of us probably have - you'll need to get new summoners for the modern format.

This is going to shake up the meta by quite a lot. Looking at the Water splinter for example, a lot of the current strategies revolve around heavy magic damage burst. All summoners providing an increase in magic damage are coming from the older sets, though, so this won't be possible any longer. All of the Untamed and Dice Water summoners are arguably a lot more situational than that:




To compete in the new format, you will need summoners of a matching level for your league. If you have been relying on Alpha/Beta summoners so far, this means you can either get new summoners now or wait and hope for good new summoners in Chaos Legion. The issue at hand is that a lot of the currently active players probably have not realized that yet. Once Chaos Legion hits, there's most likely going to be a major run for summoners, both from Untamed/Dice and Chaos Legion which should bring their price up quite a bit. We don't know anything about the new cards or how many copies will be needed to level a card, but it's quite likely that the price for summoners is going to explode when Chaos Legion gets released.

As I personally like to be prepared, I'm buying my missing summoners now. Best case, I'll end up with summoners I'll be using heavily for the foreseeable future. Worst case, I'll have some max level summoners that I don't really use but that will most likely appreciate in price nevertheless. Again looking at the water splinter, non of the above strike me as great in all formats. So if there's a better summoner in Chaos Legion, everybody will want to get their hands on it, driving the price crazy at least initially. So I went ahead and bought a max level Bortus now while the prices are still somewhat reasonable.

Personally, I'm really looking forward to Chaos Legion and all the changes it's going to bring with it to the Splinterlands. Without knowing an exact date, the new set is still some months away, so we still have some time to prepare for it. My personal goal for the time being is to first prepare all my summoners for Champion League play in the modern format and then accumulate as many Untamed cards as I can.

And that's all from me for today. Thank you all for reading and see you next time!


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