The fundamentals for why could BEAM gain more than 50% in the next weeks - update

The fundamentals for why could BEAM gain more than 50% in the next weeks - update

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 26 Apr 2020

Look at the price now. We are more than 30% grow from my article.


hello everyone

I made some researches and I came with I new short article about BEAM coin

If you don't know, there will be another hardfork according with their ROADMAP, as you can see in this beam-hard-fork-announcement.

For a short info, BEAM has a total supply of 60 mil coins and the current price is about 0,29$. The ATL was in 13 march of this year when was the big BTC drop, but from then it gained quickly until the range of 0.24-0.30 $.


but let's try to see the same time frame, but with volumes added:


As you can see, I high volume were traded this period at a stable price, which could be an accumulation period. So, I think we will have soon a big change. And the reason could be this third hardfork.

Let's see the previous similar events:

19.aug.2019 - First Harfork


As you can see in the purple rectangle, it was an accumulation time before that fork and from the first week of june, an abrupt growing of BEAM took place from 0.40 $ to 2.60 $. That means an increase of 550%!!!.

After that was a pullback, but with 3 weeks before - another run, from 0.9 $ to 1.5 $.

I put a green line where my price target is - 0.52 $. That's enough for me. It means - from 0.3 $ now - an 73% increase.

What we should expect from this new hardfork:

This network upgrade will occur at Block Height 777777, expected to be reached on 28 June 2020.

What will be happening this time:

Breaking changes

Anyway, this is a good moment for making some money, but remember this is one of the top projects with low supply and low market cap now.

I wish you all the best and if you liked my article, you could read also the rest of mine:

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