How to know easily when BTC will grow
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How to know easily when BTC will grow

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 16 Apr 2020

hello guys, I hope you are doing well

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I try to make my articles to be practical, not long time reading.


I prepared a quick one now and it comes into my mind after recently happenings into crypto market, especially in USDT sector. It was almost ready from yesterday, but I needed a confirmation and it came today.

So, I was looking for good entries in short positions for BTC, because there is no solid order book on exchanges and low volumes, too.

with a relatively small amount of money you can make the price volatility to have 2 digits.

so, I tried several times to get some shorts and I was losing almost every time. Than, I started to look beyond the Technical Analysis and search for other reasons and I discovered this:


This is the price evolution of BTC in the last quarter:

BTC price evolution

And this is the market cap of USDC and USDT in the last year:

USDT mint history


That make me look deep after this moments and made some conclusions:

When you see over 100 mil USD "minting sessions", you should now that in short time will be the moment to bet on longs to gain about 5-7% in BTC/ETH, at least.


you can monitor this on Telegram, with The official @CryptoWhaleBot channel.

whale bot screenshot

This is how it looks and you cand see in the red rectangle the minting alert. Too bad you cannot filter (yet) to what you wanna see: by minting, burning, transfer, coin, period, etc maybe the dev: @icebergy will see this and take note about it.


When you see hundreds of USD minted, DON'T bet on shorts! Neither on longs, because it is possible to "benefit" of some quick down movements before growing (like in the last 24 hours). So, go to spot market and buy some BTC and than sell it with a 5-7% gain.


That's all folks. The first rule of investing: never lose the money. And the second: a smaller profit is better than a bigger lost.  ;)


UPDATE: there were 2 another 120 000 000 USD minted in the last 2 days. Same protocol: BTC and ETH were up with few more percents.


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crypto sessions
crypto sessions

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