Ultimate Advantage of having Blockcard

By msimyunn | crypto saving | 15 Oct 2019


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Like Thanos, war is sometimes unpredictably inevitable. And most displaced people brought with them their most mobile tangible asset like gold. Because gold is much acceptable exchange of value during war instead of fiat money where the displaced people came from. But carrying such valuable constitute risk of losing it from interceptions on checkpoints while in transit or losing it from fellow refugees.

But with the advent of cryptocurrency debit cards like Blockcard, one could not worry because this physical card can also be accessed through its website, so it can conveniently accessed anywhere.

Blockcard is not just a convenience gateway for your cryptocurrencies to be used for shopping but it can also be your ultimate gateway of all your cryptocurrencies while keeping safe large portion of them in paper or hardware wallet. For example, you stashed a large portion of your cryptocurrencies in a paper or hardware wallet. Then in a faraway land you want used your money, all you have to do is send them your Blockcard account. With this method you don't have to worry about accessing digital exchanges to exchange them to USD. All you really need is the physical debit card backed by cryptocurrencies like Blockcard.

No body wants war, but it is better to prepare for the worst. These words came from my late grandparents who were World War 2 survivors. And grow up listening all their tales on survival methods they used those days. And I am sure adding up Blockcard to my list.



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