Impact of AI on Content Creators!

With Gen AI tools gaining popularity there are many jobs both full-time/organized and part-time/unorganized that are getting impacted and many are on the verge of becoming obsolete and might soon get totally replaced by AI tools.

It’s not all gloomy as if leveraged the right way these tools offer many advantages to everyone.

In this post I will be focusing on how it is going to impact one of my favourite industries that is of content creation. This includes several areas like writing, blogging, digital art etc and I will share my thoughts about the fields I am more involved with.


Impact on Bloggers


Let me start with Blogging as this the activity I spend most of my free time on. It is not my primary source of income and is more of a side hustle to keep me engaged. I understand that this is the case with majority of the bloggers as I don’t think there are many people are fully dependent on blogging and most pursue it as a hobby or a side hustle.

Blogs can be of different types whether summarising recent news or events, researching about a new product, sharing your views about basically anything in the world.

From what I have seen so far of ChatGPT it is good at summarising news and creating fiction. In these cases it might be useful to bloggers who work on those topics. Most of the bloggers I know share their views about things and independent critical thinking is something I don’t see ChatGPT replacing in the near future.

I don’t see a big threat from AI to such blogging as blogs are typically short from 600-800 words and the ChatGPT output is usually not publishing ready and needs to be manually reviewed and corrected. So the value AI adds is really limited.


Impact on Writers


Writing is a completely different ball game than blogging as writing a medium to large story requires dedicated effort of months to years depending on the subject and how extensive your book is going to be.

This is one area I see ChatGPT Beverly disrupting in the coming years. The effort that writers put for years can be replicated on ChatGPT in a matter of hours including a high level review. You can ask ChatGPT to write a story n any topic or if you are really lazy you can also ask it to suggest the topics.

After you have the title you can ask for a structure with heading for the chapters and then content for each chapter. If your genre is fiction then you will be amazed how well ChatGPT can perform. This is a concern which major publications are aware of and they are already looking at tools which can review text and check if it was generated by AI.

Amazon is worried that it may soon get flooded with low quality AI generated books. Let’s see how it tackles the situation.


Impact on Digital Artists


This is the class of creators which I think is going to be hit most severely. Earlier it used to take hours of effort to a skilled illustrator to create digital art as per the specifications. To achieve a good mastery over tools like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc an artist needed to spend extended time to work with the tools.

Now AI tools like Midjourney and Leonardo can create amazing art at a click. Also they offer the flexibility to adjust the prompt with the specifications to alter the image immediately. 

Looking at the quality of output from Midjourney and Leonardo I think digital artists are going to lose a big chunk of revenue.



Looking at all content forms I don’t think AI at the moment can completely eliminate the need for human input as most of these tools do need a human to review and adjust the output. One thing is for sure though that many activities like writing a book or creating a customised digital art which used to be very time intensive will now be expected to be completed in a blink. 




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