Interest In Crypto May Have You Noticing A Few Of These 10 Things!

Crypto enthusiasts may have noticed some or maybe all of the following 10 things


1. Most people you know don’t ‘get it’ or have even noticed the cryptocurrency/blockchain revolution.


2. Many who do get it have their own language. We recognize ‘to the moon’ and a crypto investor’s ‘bag’ like our own street slang.


3. Many of us become addicted to checking our assets and secretly mentally feel ahead of the curve when we see our coins rising.


4. We’ve noticed the media like to portray cryptos as ‘a bit risky’ and a 1% drop in Bitcoin after huge gains is seen as an opportunity to preach about ‘volatility’. People who know very little about crypto sometimes love to quote this level of ‘research’


5. ‘Experts’ are always wrong! Previous ‘predictions’ look like someone scribbled down a figure from the top of their head that reflects only their cautious or over the top thoughts. Clickbait headlines have been known to have some people either mentally picking out a ‘Lambo’ or diving to sell their coins before the sky falls in.


6. Understanding blockchain technology and the applications of our chosen assets is a realistic part of our educational journey and most of us know we have a lot to learn.


7. Many of us now see our previously ‘spare cash’ as ‘investment funds’ and have secret fears such as that any $25 Chinese Takeout could be a potential £250 down the toilet.


8. We know the mainstream financial news bears no reflection to the real economy and our own growing financial education further enhances this view.


9. When a financial institution or major business talks about adopting or investing in an asset we hold we feel like we got to the party in time.


10. We know that when cryptocurrencies are readjusting during a bull cycle we’re going to maintain our obsession, ‘maybe buy the dip’ and often keep ‘diamond hands’ because we chose the crypto life it didn’t choose us!


Have a great day and week my friends!

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