Content Writers Could Be Missing A Valuable Trick

Anybody that publishes crypto-related or any other content may be interested in this tip that helped bring a lot of exposure to my own content.

I love crypto as it has the potential for exponential growth and decided to do the same with my writing.

When I started my blog several years ago, nobody could have envisaged how much more potential for exposure and getting paid the internet would bring.

Creating content that people are interested in can see many people ‘burning out’ from the sheer time spent gathering ideas, producing something interesting to others and ‘getting it out there’.

A friend of mine gave me an idea that I use today to gain many thousands of extra views to my content and I nearly completely missed it!

My friend is a successful content creator/Youtuber and always seemed to be growing far more quickly than me, even though I worked hard on my blog and posted my content to as many places as I could find.

I avoided making videos as I didn’t want to appear ‘on camera’ and have no video or technical skills but understood the virality that videos offer.

I wrote the previous sentence in both past and present tense because I still have no video or technical skills and still don’t want to appear ‘on camera’.

So how did I start a video channel using my old posts and new ideas and gain many thousands of extra views on my content?

My friend told me about a point and click solution where I didn’t have to have any skills or ‘face the public’. The software comes fully loaded with images, video clips and templates and I only have to copy and paste in my short form posts and believe me, I'm not at all technically-minded!

I generally write tips for cat and dog owners but if you’re a crypto (or any other topic) enthusiast you can copy what I did and actually check my credibility by visiting my channel here.  

Aside from creating that first youtube channel from previously written content and updating as I go along, I now have other video channels, videos I can share socially and a business making promotional videos for others. That exponential way of getting rewarded for content that I produce that I mentioned earlier.

This idea could prove valuable for people who write short-form content on platforms such as this and want to benefit from their written work for years to come as many video channels allow links to sites in their description and can bring search-related traffic to any published content over a long period.

Top Tips

Try out the software for free with a no-nonsense, no obligation 14 day trial here

Make short, to the point videos.

Copy and paste your posts until you’re happy with the finished results. I use the viral blue template but it’s personal choice. Check out one of my videos right here 

Try to use ‘evergreen’ content until you build a decent following and just update with your latest content/thoughts.

Embed/link your videos to published articles and use the video descriptions to link to things that viewers may be interested in – affiliate links, websites, your social media sites etc, other posts you’ve created etc.

Allow at least 12 months to build a channel and create a folder for your completed videos and look for opportunities to share and get paid for views on them.

I hope I may have influenced someone out there to share their crypto-related or other thoughts recipes, travel stuff etc. in a different way by showing that there are average people, like me, who can show evidence of doing it themselves.

Will I be setting up a video channel for Crypto Observations as well? Yep, as soon as I have a few posts together, copying the same methods as when I set up my first channel as I've outlined to you.

Have a great day friends.

Link to the video making software again

Link to my Youtube Channel again

Link to my cat and dog tips blog where I share content for cat and dog owners and embed some of my videos.








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