How To Build A Growing Long Term Crypto-Related Income For Free

I’m going to show any time-limited person how to easily set up, manage and promote one of the simplest business models I know of that is actionable from anywhere in the world.

With traditional jobs and pensions being lost at an alarming rate it would be wise for anyone to consider investing their free time in a free opportunity

Working alone on any satoshi/crypto stacking model is a great idea but can can only get you as far as your spare time will allow but you can massively upscale your efforts

Practically anyone can build a solid income or even a pension simply by following a sensible and actionable plan.

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This is what I actually do on a daily basis in between running my successful ‘day job’ as a pet blogger and crypto investor.

I've amended this post to add this: I've had a couple of people click all over the place on the platforms I recommend and then complain/down vote the method. The reason I ONLY recommend doing the simple tasks is to avoid this! I don't do the surveys etc. and many people who do well building this small, guaranteed way of earning a little extra crypto just keep it simple and click the things that don't lead them all over the internet..just like other sites in this space (the ones I don't recommend). I've used this system for a long time, been paid out regularly by it and only recommend the exact things I do based on that. Please don't be so disrespectful as to click all over the place (which I haven't at all recommended) then give up after 5 minutes and blame my system as it didn't tell you to do this! I'm just letting people know about something I ACTUALLY DO to make a little extra crypto that's checked out, works and can be copied by anyone for free. It took me a bit of time to document this simple method to share to help others and you could either copy it and  make a bit of extra crypto and build...or simply scroll on by without negativity...just as I would. Thank you 

STEP 1. Find 3 Reliable And Simple To Do Daily Faucet/Task Platforms

These are the 3 tried and tested ones that I use, please feel free to copy.  

PLATFORM 1My Absolute Favorite –  Easy and reliable - The simple tasks I complete throughout the day are PTC ADS and FAUCET

Top Tips – Don’t forget to claim your DAILY BONUS every day (the little gift box icon) and check TASKS when you’ve claimed a few points as bonuses are added and you just have to collect them!

This platform is all about collecting ACP (Auto Claim Points) that are automatically converted into a variety of cryptocurrencies of your choice when you Auto Claim using the sites Auto Faucet (Don't worry it's simple)

Try and AUTO CLAIM your ACP POINTS using the Auto Faucet during the weekend ‘Happy Hours’ as you get 50% more. I set the Auto Faucet to 3 currencies BTC  ETH and TRX (TRON) and set the Payout Boost to 4x to speed up my claims. I cash out of the platform in TRON DASH or LITECOIN as the amounts needed to cash out are very low. Any currencies you collect can be exchanged on the platform on the COIN EXCHANGE for the currencies of your choice with no fees

This platform is BRILLIANT SIMPLE TO USE and there are 100’s of levels that upgrade your earning potential. The best free faucet to build a growing income around in my opinion.


PLATFORM 2 Another picked for its simplicity and reliability  Daily simple quick tasks throughout the day. Use the CLAIM YOUR FREE COINS, PTC ADS and WATCH VIDEOS functions throughout the day. I use this platform to get paid in Bitcoin and send straight to my Ledger Nano but they send to any Bitcoin address.


PLATFORM 3  – Daily simple quick tasks throughout the day. I use the VIEW ADS – SURF ADSWINDOW ADS and VIDEO ADS functions throughout the day. There is a FREE BITCOIN FAUCET you can visit every 60 minutes too. I use this platform to send Bitcoin Cash to my Ledger Nano but they will send a variety of Crypto assets to other wallets too.

Note I only recommended 3 networks and just the simple tasks, it’s about using time to build not just ‘stack’ small amounts. I will do more tasks on each site if I have time but it's more sustainable time-wise for me to complete the simple tasks on the 3 platforms around my day jobs.

Just do the daily tasks every day you can and once set up and confident after a couple of days move on to step 2!


STEP 2. Join The Referral Schemes Of Your 3 Chosen Providers

If you decided to sign up with the platforms that I recommended you will have created the following potential in your life

PLATFORM 1 Will now be paying you 20% of every referrals faucet withdrawals for life!

PLATFORM 2 Will now be paying you 20% of every referral claims withdrawals for life!

PLATFORM 3 Will now be paying 10% upwards on referrals activity for life!


Step 3. Promote Your Referral Links.


If you publish on PUBLISH0x you can simply write posts of value and place your referral links underneath or even write about your new journey of wealth creation and help others to do the same. People are generally  interested in reading about any topics of value and many are looking for  low-key, simple ways to increase their wealth too.  

Write crypto related posts on sites such as LEO FINANCE or MEDIUM ETC. about your newly joined platforms. Aside from the traffic and payment your posts may receive, you have the opportunity to build a follower base there too and you can include links to the 3 platforms you joined earlier.

Share your posts on social media, you’d be surprised how people may join anonymously!


Maybe Start a video channel: I started the Cat And Dog Tips Channel by using this software to make short, simple videos and will do the same with our Crypto Observation tips when we have a little more content. I'm not technically minded and don’t have ANY expensive video equipment. You can promote links in video descriptions on Youtube and other video channels. Plus some video channels such as Theta.TV ODYSEE ETC. are now paying in crypto and I believe this potential income stream will only grow in popularity. Add to that, I make promotional/affiliate/small business videos for others and it's been a good investment for me.

You don't need to invest any money in starting a video channel like I did but just wanted to highlight that it's fairly simple with the software I mentioned, I believe it's a growing way to monetize in crypto and importantly that I actually do it myself unlike maybe some people talking to you about their ideas or 'latest schemes'.


Step 4. Top Tips To Manage YOUR New Business Model

Get familiar with the platforms you have joined and plan to be active daily

Each of your chosen platforms will show you how many referrals you have made. I particularly like PLATFORM 1 as not only can you increase your income by working up their many levels with higher financial rewards, they also show which levels your affiliates are at.

Your small amounts will increase in value if cryptocurrency values increase as well as the value added by the activity of your referrals. I have referrals that complete more tasks than me every day and it’s great to have people like this in my business. I gave my referrals an idea and will help them in future posts with other ways to build their income even more quickly as a thank you. You could easily do the same.

Promote your links wherever you can – you are building a team of people who are interested in using a little of their time and getting rewarded for it. You are TELLING not SELLING and the timing and motivation for people to join you can only grow in the current climate.


REMEMBER - As crypto becomes more mainstream you have the potential for huge increased growth. When you’re feeling tired or demotivated just think of the day when you have so many referred people working with you creating multiple payments and all you did was stick to your plan.


Cryptocurrency stacking is exciting. You have a potentially growing asset and a growing number of people interested in acquiring it. View your activity as a pension, a business, a goal and a free way to prove to yourself that you can bring value to yourself and others.

As you build your business you will earn more than if you simply ‘stacked’ on your own and have the potential to, unlike a job, be rewarded in the future for what you have already done.

Personally, I stack crypto and build the business model above as it teaches me to respect my time and demonstrates my strong belief in the crypto market. There are many people in this world struggling both financially and to have something to believe in. If my suggestion helps a few of those people then that’s something valuable created in itself.

My forthcoming posts will be aimed at bringing more value and creating opportunities for people interested in cryptocurrencies and improving their finances in general.

Have a great day friends

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